Letter from the residents of Pylaros, Kefalonia to the Greek Prime Minister regarding the recent floods and potential solutions

To the Honorable Prime Minister of Greece Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis

Mr Prime Minister,

Agia Efimia was built with the approval of the competent state services in 1954 in the catchment area of ​​three mountains (Agia Dynati, Falari and Kalon Oros) that enclose the valley of Pylaros where in the middle of it is the central torrent and dry river. on the beach of Agia Efimia, one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in our country. This morphology of the soil results in intense flooding, when we have heavy rainfall at the same time in all three reported mountain masses, as happened on Thursday 17/09/2020, with catastrophic results for our entire region and especially for Agia Efimia which only by chance we did not mourn the victims.

This situation has reached critical flood proportions in the last 20 years and especially in the last four years very dangerous and catastrophic. In 2016 and 2019 the disasters were so great that the area was declared a state of emergency, as this year. Especially last year in September 2019 we had two intense floods that hit Agia Efimia from end to end with huge volumes of water and debris that destroyed our homes, our businesses and our port.

The opinion of the locals (many of whom are renowned scientists here and abroad) is that flood protection works should be carried out that will include 3 respective graduated dams of controlled outflow gravity (from reinforced concrete) so that the huge volume of water is poured in a controlled way. for a longer period of time so that our region ceases to suffer enormous material and financial damage as well as to risk every time with what it entails.

In this way the flow of the mass of water will be reduced but also its speed with a corresponding reduction of the brought materials that each time drown the houses, the streets of Agia Efimia but also its port.

Mr. Prime Minister, fully believing in the sensitivity of your government and personally in the protection of the people of our country, we are confident that you will act accordingly and immediately to finally resolve this very serious problem that the residents of Agia Efimia face every year. and the whole of Pylaros for the last 20 years every time there are floods.

We would also like to inform you that the 20-year-old underground pipeline study (updated in 2020) which envisages an underground pipeline (sewer) measuring 5m * 4m, 1km long that will lead to rainwater at sea, we believe is another half measure that not only will solve the problem but in the event of a flood with loose materials it will create huge problems.

This pipeline cannot control the mass of water supplied so that the flow velocity remains the same and consequently the momentum force responsible for transporting the materials is not reduced and eventually the destruction of the port of Agia Efimia will continue. We should also emphasize that the aforementioned momentum of the water creates excavation of the entire Pylaros basin, as a result of which the entire Agriculture and Livestock of our country is mortally affected, in addition to the terrible consequences for tourism.

For the above-mentioned reasons, Mr. Prime Minister, the appropriate certified flood protection works must be done, the cost of which will not exceed the amount of 10,000,000 € (ten million euros) and we look forward to your immediate intervention to stop the half-measures and finally give solution.

Thank you very much!

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