Letter of complaint regarding ferry service timing from Kefalonia

Subject: Public service to and from Kefalonia

Dear gentlemen,

In recent days we have been receiving complaints regarding ferry services to and from Kefalonia.

From July 29, when the itineraries of Levante Ferries changed, the resident or visitor of Kefalonia who wishes to leave the island, has the opportunity to travel from the port of Poros at 05:00 am otherwise the next itinerary is at 10 : 30.

It is clear that a traveler to be in time at the port of departure should start his day at 03:00 am and this if he is lucky and does not live in a remote area of ​​Kefalonia such as Fiskardo or Lixouri. His next choice is at 10:30 am from Sami to Patras, as a result of which he misses the day completely and does not manage to complete his work.

The most important problem that arises, however, concerns the patients and especially the cancer patients, who regularly visit the hospitals of the Achaean capital in order to undergo treatments. These people are now forced to spend the night in Patras as they do not manage to be early in the morning in the hospital structures and return to their homes with the evening route. The time gap of morning departures has the effect that in addition to the financial burden on patients for hotels and food, they put their already fragile health at risk, as they are exposed to germs and viruses by interacting in hotels staying with foreign visitors from countries with the highest transmission index Covid-19.

Knowing the sensitivity that your company has shown in respective health issues of residents of the Ionian Islands, we invite you within the next three days to inform us what you intend to do to solve the problem. Keep in mind that a possible modification of the departure from Sami to Patras at 8:30 am instead of 10:30 am could be a great breath for visitors, patients and professionals of Kefalonia.

We look forward to your prompt response.

Yours sincerely,

The president

Stavros Spathis

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