Levante Ferries Announcement about schedule change and restriction to residents only on ferry boats

Levante Ferries

Extraordinary Communication 20/03/2020

We inform the passenger public that from 21/03/2020 at 06:00 until 21/4 at 06:00, the government measure that makes the transition to the islands served by our ships, shall take effect: 

 (a) permanent residents of islands moving from mainland Greece to the islands and vice versa

 (b) Islanders moving between islands served by ships carrying out public service contracts

 (c) personnel of the Armed Forces, Security Forces, the Hellenic Coast Guard and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection who move for official purposes.

 (d) public servants and teaching staff of all levels of education, including Merchant Marine Academies, who work on an island on a permanent or temporary basis of any form or move to perform a service

 (e) medical and nursing staff of all kinds in the public and private sectors, health researchers and practitioners, as well as staff of the National Public Health Organization (EHEA) working on a permanent or temporary island island of any form or mobility to it to perform a service

 (f) migrants for reasons of urgent social need where this is clearly demonstrated by appropriate certificates.

The status of the cases referred to in the preceding paragraph shall be demonstrated by the presentation of proof of such certification when issuing passenger tickets. If tickets have been issued electronically, proof of status will be certified at and before the passengers are boarded on board ships or boats. Especially in the case of a resident, this is evidenced by the demonstration of either a valid tax return or Islander ID number or, in the case of public service contracts, a certificate of permanent residence of the passenger issued by the landlord.

#Ménoumespíti for our good and for the good of those we love

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