LIDL Greece Customer Information Covid-19 update

Dear customers,

We know that most of you are concerned about the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

We work closely with our government, our suppliers and our supply chain partners to ensure the supply of goods to our stores and to supply our warehouses with highly demanded items.

All 225 Lidl Hellas stores remain and will remain open for your daily shopping.

Our employees in stores, logistics centers and headquarters work tirelessly to provide the supplies you and your families need.

We owe them enormous gratitude for their hard work in these difficult times of our society.

A big thank you also to our Greek suppliers and our supply chain partners, with whom we work closely for the same purpose.

But we also need your input and understanding.

1. In the context of measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus, we are obliged to follow the legislative guidelines and to ensure that consumers reach our stores in proportion to one person per 10 t .m and with a minimum distance of two (2) meters. In order to protect the health of all of us, please follow the instructions of our security partners at the entrances to our stores.

2. If you do not find a product and find deficiencies in individual items, we ask for your understanding. These shortcomings are in any case temporary until the store is refurbished. At this point we also need your input. We would like to ask you to make your purchases wisely. Under new regulations consumers can buy up to a maximum quantity of disinfectants, ethyl alcohol and all kinds of antiseptic products up to 3 pieces per item and per receipt.

We understand your worries, but buying more than you really need means that some other families will not be able to get the supplies.

In the difficult times we must work collectively and in solidarity!

With determination and responsibility, we remain vigilant with a view to safeguarding public health, while fully respecting all necessary measures to make your purchases safe.

Thank you for understanding and trusting us.

We are here for you.

We would like to inform you that the health of both our customers and our partners is a top priority for us.

The measures we have taken are the following:

We have placed hand sanitizers at the entrance and exit of our stores and in the sanitary areas
Our partners apply strict rules of prevention
A special crisis management team has been set up in case of emergency
We have supplied all the necessary materials for the prevention and immediate response to critical situations.
We are in constant communication with all our responsible partners on site
Our customer service team is fully informed of any concerns regarding our customers

Of course, we are on the alert to safeguard public health.

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