Lidl Hellas (Greece) removes disposable (single use plastics) from 2020

The Lidl Hellas As the first company organized food retailing in Greece to withdraw definitively from its stores on 31.12.2019 the plastic disposable s like straws, cups, plates, cutlery and cotton swabs.

By 2025 Lidl Hellas is committed to further reduce plastic by 20% and use 100% recyclable materials in private label product packaging.

These measures are part of REset Plastic , Schwarz Group’s international strategy for plastics, in which Lidl Greece is also involved.

The Schwarz Group, which owns the Lidl and Kaufland retail chains and is one of the largest trading companies internationally, recognizes and assumes its environmental responsibility. Under REset Plastic , it has developed a holistic, international strategy that encompasses five areas of action: avoidance, (re) design, recycling, removal and research. This reduces the use of plastic and closes the cycle in a circular economy.

The areas of action of the REset Plastic initiative are:

REduce / Avoid

Avoid using plastic where possible and viable

REdesign / (Re-design)

(Re-designing) products to be recyclable and to close the cycle in the context of the circular economy


Collection, sorting, recycling and closure of the raw material life cycle

REmove / Remove

Support campaigns for the removal of plastic waste from the environment                                 


Investing in research and development of innovative solutions and information on the recycling and protection of natural resources

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