Lifting restrictions: How will KTEOs (MOT & emissions) operate from Monday?


Strict rules should be followed from next Monday at KTEO to avoid the dispersal and spread of the corona while according to a circular of the Deputy Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Giannis Kefalogiannis, to avoid confusion the extension of the 45th Element of the Bulletins is given. days given, for an additional 25 days.

In terms of measures, inspectors and other staff should be provided with gloves and masks. There should be an antiseptic in a prominent place. Within the space of the Secretariat – Fund, the stay of citizens should be avoided, except for the necessary time for the presentation of the necessary documents for the control and the receipt of the DTE. Also, the technical inspection will be carried out by appointment to avoid congestion.

DTE extension
In addition, for the proper operation of KTEO, the duration of validity of each DTE of each vehicle category is extended by seventy (70) days, provided that its expiration date falls within the period from Monday 14-3-2020 until Sunday 3-5 -2020.

Therefore, an extension is granted to Technical Inspection Certificates in addition to the 45 days given, an additional 25 days.

For example, a vehicle with a DTE validity date on Saturday 14-3-2020, can be checked on time without paying the additional special fee until Monday 25-5-2020.

“The extension is deemed necessary to avoid congestion by citizens at KTEO, who may have rushed to secure timely attendance. No fines will be imposed during the 70-day extension period,” the transport ministry said in a statement. course of action, there may be new intervention.

It is clarified that for the DTEs that expire from 4-5-2020 and later, the institutionalized control frequency will apply.

In cases where a Technical Inspection Card has become overdue before the date of suspension of operation, the calculation of the payment of the special overdue fee will not be calculated for the duration of the extension, due to the prohibition of operation, which applies to each ticket.

For example, if a passenger vehicle with a specified date of validity of 2-3-2020 was not inspected before the application of the emergency measures (the vehicle was entitled to a timely inspection until 9-3-2020). If, for example, it is checked on 14-5-2020, ie 10 days after the removal of the measures), the time period when the KTEOs were closed, ie from 23-3-2020 to 3-5-2020, will not be taken into account. The vehicle will therefore be considered overdue for 23 days.

Also, similar extensions are granted for all categories of cars that were exempted for various reasons during this period (classification of imported used cars without a Greek technical inspection card, transfer of cars with a technical inspection card that had expired, etc.) from the technical obligation to attend control.

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