Lightning killed a woman in Skopelos today

Before the eyes of her husband, in Skopelos , lightning struck a woman of 50 . The couple were doing farm work at the time of the storm and she was struck by lightning which killed her.

The tragic incident in Skopelos became known a few hours ago, as her husband, according to the information of , shocked by the incident, informed the Volos Prosecutor’s Office at noon.

Bad weather is sweeping the country

Drivers driving on the national road of Polygyros in Thessaloniki faced a big problem. The road turned white due to heavy hail and cars stopped on the right and left of the road until the wave passed. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the temperature is expected to fall further, which will fluctuate at low levels for the season, while it will rise again at the weekend. Weather forecasts include bad weather until Wednesday morning.

Rainfall and thunderstorms will also occur in most of the central and northern continents of the country, as well as in the Eastern Peloponnese, Crete and the Eastern and Northern Aegean. The effects in places will be very strong and will be accompanied by strong gusts of wind. There is an increased chance of hail mainly in the afternoon and afternoon in Epirus, Central Macedonia and Thrace and from the evening hours mainly in the Eastern Aegean.

Source- Jo Willams (not related to this incident)

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