Lights in the night sky and the big concert in Faraklata last night (video)

It was a great musical performance !!!! 
and at the same time a great quality cultural event !!!!! Congratulations to all the contributors and especially to the organizer of KEDIKE President Angelos Kostantakis for the excellent organization and the successful result !!!! 
The Faraklata Stage was crowded by a desperate audience of about 2,800 people who were constantly applauding. ..and participated in singing … ..and did not let the artists get off the stage … as they shouted: we want one more … 
Congratulations  on the great symphonic mandolin of Greece !!!!! Congratulations  to the great lyricists !!!!! 
Congratulations  to the amazing Kostas Makedonas !!!!! Congratulationsto our highly acclaimed maestro Panagis Barbati for his immense work and contribution to our culture !!!!! .. and let’s keep to his last words: 
“Let’s invest in our culture … it’s 
the wealth of Greece” !! !!!

Gepostet von Αγγελος Κωνσταντακης am Dienstag, 13. August 2019

source -FB post of Anti Barbati

Lixouri was also putting on a great light show last night as well

Source – FB post of Panagiotis Antonatos

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