Lion fish (highly toxic) caught near Kefalonia – WARNING from department of Fisheries

Lionfish appeared in Cephalonia – Warning from the Department of Fisheries 

 The Department of Fisheries of the Department of Rural Economy and Veterinary Medicine Kefonia informs about the appearance of the foreign lionfish Pterois miles in Kefalonia.

After a lionfish was accidentally caught by a professional fisherman in our area, the Department of Fisheries  sent sample fish to Laboratory Control for Gene, DNA Identification and Management Populations animal species AUTH Biology Department in order to make genetic identification of species. The results show that the specimen in question belongs to the species Pterois miles. The presence of this species in our region, which is also the northernmost point of reference (at least until the date of 4-4-2019), is to be published in an international scientific journal.

The lionfish, Pterois miles, is an endemic species of the Indian Ocean, extending from the Red Sea to South Africa and Indonesia. It entered the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal (Lesbian migrant).

The lionfish is poisonous. Its body has a characteristic warning color, with red, white and black stripes. It has 13 poisonous spines in the dorsal fin, 1 poisonous spines in the abdominal flap, and 3 poisonous spines in the flap. They excrete a powerful poison, which can cause edema, possible pain and other serious complications. The poison ceases to be active when the fish is killed.

Action in case of catch:

In case of accidental catch of a lionfish, it should be handled with care. IMPORTANT! You should never touch it with your bare hand and use special protective gloves to remove it from the fishing gear by careful handling to ensure that its poisonous thorns do not come into contact with the human body. The sting of thorns should be treated immediately and the injured should go to the nearest health center or hospital for help in order to prevent possible complications.

The catch of lionfish should be reported to the local Fisheries Departments of the Regional Units or to the Port Authorities.


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