Lixouri Municipality Christmas Program

Friday 13 December 2019


At the Iacovate Library-Museum the film will be screened:

 ” Grand Budapest Hotel ” (2014) of Wes Anderson .

Projection Start Time 8:30 pm

Entrance will be free

The Pallixouriakos Athletic Club, the Iakovatios Library and the Independent Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lixouri have co- opted, listening to our needs for a different form of entertainment, the re-establishment of the “Lixouri Cinema Club ” 40 years (1979-2019).

Saturday 14 December 2019

5:30 pm . We all gather, young and old, at the Lixouri Nursing Home to say carols and offer sweets, then head to the facade of the Lixouri Theater, where the Kounopetra Cultural Association will light its festive feast The tree will be lit at 6:30 pm . on the city’s main square with festive tunes and carols, as well as choreographies by the Elizabeth Livieratu Dance School.

Sunday, December 15, 2019 time 

6:00 pm    In Iakovatios Library will become a tribute to the great troubadour of our country,   Georgie Dellaporta , with the participation of choral forms of K.E.DI.KE: Male Choir with conductor Lixouri Charalambos Makris and Leivathous Choir with conductor Claus monk.  There will be an audiovisual presentation on the life and work of George Delaporta.

Thursday 19 December 2019

 4:00 pm . will be a celebratory workshop with women in Kaminarata at the Creative Village of Stek.  

 6:00 pm . An audiovisual presentation of the Kefalonian customs of the Twelve Days will be held  in the hall of the Lixouri Town Hall by students from the Petritsio Lixouri Gymnasium and songs of Kefalonia will be heard.

Friday 20 December 2019

 11:30 am . an art workshop will be held at the Agia Thekli Gymnasium (Old Scene Elementary School).

12:30 am . An art workshop will be held at Agia Thekli Elementary School under the care of the Friends of the Iacovate Library.

6:30 PM . Little friends, come to the Iacovate Library to enjoy the children’s film ” POLIKO EXPRESS “.

 Saturday December 21, 2019

5: 30 pm . A big Christmas event will take place at the Lixouri Indoor Gym with the participation of the Lixouri Philharmonic School and a choir of students st  and 2 nd Primary Schools of Lixouri . Children will present pictures of Kefalonian customs at Christmas, as well as at the entrance will have a handmade market with their   artistic Christmas creations.

 8: 00 pm. in the old Kaminarata Primary School will be shown the tourist documentary by Theodoros Eydachtylou , – Kefalonia 1964-. It will be followed by a traditional dance event and a village dance by the women of the village . Santa Claus will come to give gifts to the children.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

11:30 am . A large artistic Christmas workshop will be held in the hall of the Cultural Association “Kounopetra” in Mantzavinata with the help of the homonymous association.

5:00 pm The Independent Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lixouri invites your little friends to come to the Iacovate Library to paint Santa Claus.

Monday 23 December 2019

5:30 pm . will be held at the old school in Damouliata Christmas childrens screening with the support of the Cultural Association “Friends of the Iacovate Library” and the Cultural Association of Damouliata and Rifi.

 Friday 27 December 2019

8.30pm At the Lixouri Indoor Gym Concert of the Lixouri Philharmonic under the direction of the charalimos Makris. Free entrance.

Saturday 28 December 2019

7:00 pm   the ” ARTBOX ” will present Christmas event inspired by local tradition and memories of our culture in the gymnasium. The little friends will enjoy the event with Santa Claus and his entourage, be photographed in his sleigh and enjoy the Christmas pictures that the team members will present with great joy and vivacity

8:15 pm The Independent Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lixouri has invited Santa Claus to share gifts with our little friends. Kids will be photographed with him and give you his best wishes for a year of health and progress!

Sunday, December 29, 2019

6:30 m. M . A screening for children with a Christmas theme will be held in the hall of the Katogi Cultural Association,    “Kounopetra” in Mantzavinata .

Tuesday 31 December 2019

6:30 pm At the source of Keria of Agia Thekli , as it happens every year, Santa Claus will pass and give gifts to the children of the area, the local bells will be heard. In case of rain the passage of St. Basil will take place in the library of Agia Thekli .

 Wednesday 1 January 2020

4:30 pm at the Lixourio Indoor Fitness Center … TOMBOLA!

The traditional game “Tombola” … Get cards and who knows you might be the first lucky of the new year …

Co-organizers: Pallixouriakos and Ethnikos Kefalonia.

Monday 6 January 2020 of Epiphany

The Liturgy of the Holy Cross and the diving ceremony at the port of Lixouri and then at the Fountain of the Square will be attended by the Lixouri Philharmonic School.

The Independent Department of Culture of the Municipality of Lixouri

Wishes you

Happy Christmas  With Health, Joy and Happiness

 The deputy mayor  

Municipality of Lixouri

 Gerasimos Sot. Blue

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