Lixouri: The opening of the Spyros Thomas Square


The event

Yesterday afternoon in lixouri, in street, the opening of a new square, spyros thōmátou square.
A square that was officially awarded, as a donation to the municipality, to the residents, to the visitors of the city and to the whole of kefalonia from the
The Square was built with money from the legacy of the late musician
Several people cooperated to end this project. Coordinator of effort was the lawyer of Athens k. Instead. Graphanákēs.
The P. Nikolaos Savior was bless in his memory. Follow a small program from the band of our philharmonic school, greeting from the political leadership of our island, including alderman pallikḗs and candidate mayor lēxouríou k. George Katsibélē, as well as from the executioners of the will of CP Thōmátou.
The unveiling of bust with guitar, created by sculptress aspasia papadoperákē, became late afternoon and the square was officially delivered to the municipality of lēxouríou.
The event closed with songs from ” Monte Nero ” and with a rich buffet from ” mythos “.

The history of donation

With his will, world renowned classic guitarist Spyros Thōmátos (full surname thōmátos – gennatás), with origin from lixouri, where he passed his young years, left in the municipality of lēxouríou a plot in the center of the city, with the desire – order Set in a small square for the leisure of residents and various cultural activities. With his will proved his love in his place.

In the realization of his desire, he was devoted to the executor of the Marlies Waespe, student and partner, with the help of Athens lawyer k. Antonis Graphanákē, who commissioned the overall monitoring and custody and the support of the cypriot tenor and doctor law k. Peter Euangelídē who also coordinated as a musician and as an interpreter the communication between Greek and Greek contributors

Ambition, wish and hope is the municipality and all the bodies of the island to find a corner for all kinds of artistic activity, especially musicians and theatre, as captured by the Architect Architect Thomas Paxinós who studied the square and the sculptress aspasia papadoperákē who created the With his bust and his guitar.

Brief Biography

Spyros thōmátos was born in 1932 in aden and passed away in 2012 in Switzerland, where he resided in the last decades of his His route was: aden – lixouri – Athens (for studies at the conservatory of Athens) and then in the Siena of Italy, where he was held near the greatest guitarist of all time andrés segovia, after his choice through hard competition

They followed 2 years in Spain and the contact with flamenco. Since 1959 installed in Switzerland. Taught in many of her conservatories and especially in the famous conservatories of Zurich and winterthur, we were reborn in the renaissance of music Countless concerts are recorded on his artistic route. His career ended badly when the index of his right hand paralyzed.

Source – FB page of Δύναμη αξιοπιστίας και προόδου

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