Lockdown: Gradual Lifting – Dates for bookstores, hairdressers, retailers

With the second nationwide lockdown not performing as well as government and experts expected and the coronavirus numbers to remain at disgustingly high levels , there is concern about how and when the measures should be lifted and what everyday activities are. safe to open. The beginning is from next Monday with the seasonal shops , in view of the Christmas and New Year holidays , while the dates for the other activities are still under discussion. 

As Sofia Fasoulaki broadcast on OPEN TV, within the next week the government is expected to announce its decisions for the gradual opening of the economy , ie which stores and services will take over after the seasonal stores. According to OPEN TV, bookstores, hairdressers, florists and retailers will take the baton . The most likely dates are December 11th and December 14th for retail, later the big stores . However, this market opening will be done with a lot of caution and restrictions , which will also be announced next week. 

Adonis Georgiadis at ethnos.gr: “Toys and books follow”

The  ethnos.gr  contacted the Development and Investment Minister  Adonis Georgiadis , who announced that after the  seasonal shops  line will get  toys  and  books.

“Our biggest concern is the priority of the seasonal market. With our decision, the seasonal store market will not be irreparably damaged  . Once the conditions allow, the opening of the markets in toys and books will follow  . I can not specify the date, as this will be done in cooperation with the competent health authorities “, emphasizes the Minister of Development,  Adonis Georgiadis .

The planning according to the information so far from the government is the following:

  • The  seasonal stores  open on  Monday, December 7th . It is clarified that this concerns the 110 stores throughout Greece that sell purely Christmas items and open only this season. At the same time, from the same day, the sale of Christmas items from the supermarkets will be allowed,   both to prevent unfair competition, and – and mainly –  to reduce possible crowding phenomena  and not to direct all consumers to 110 stores.
  • On  Friday, December 11th  will open  hair salons  and  beauty salons .
  • Next  Monday December 14  will open  toy stores , the  bookstores  and – if nothing changes in programming – the  small  retail  -related celebrations (gift shops, liquor stores and perhaps shops with clothing and footwear). The aim is to “cover” as a priority all those commercial activities that during the holidays make up to 30% – 40% of their annual turnover. All this provided that the epidemiological data will allow this opening.
  • With the data so far, the  malls  seem to remain closed, although there is a proposal on the table to open on December 21, which, however, does not seem to gather much chance.

It goes without saying that  the rule of distance of 2 meters  and of course  the use of a  protective mask  , which is obligatory both outdoors and indoors, will still apply to the entrance  to the shops . The exit for the Christmas markets will be done by sending a  text message to 13033  with the code 2.

In terms of opening hours, all the  stores that will open will have opening hours -as officially announced- 7 in the morning with 8:30 in the evening in  order to give the necessary time to  return home to customers  and  employees  as  the traffic ban  after 21: 00 will continue to apply.

source -ethnos.gr

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