Loggerhead turtle tracked via satellite (live online maps)

Loggerheads made their appearance on Kyparissia’s beaches on the1st June this year.

ARCHELON’s team was there to continue an exciting project funded by MAVA Foundation.

Satellite tags were deployed in 12 loggerhead turtles in order to investigate their movements at sea between each nesting effort as well as their movements after their nesting is completed for the season. Data from satellite tags are also expected to give us some indication about their migrations towards overwintering and foraging habitats. This knowledge will, in turn, be used to design better management strategies for their conservation and reduction of negative interaction with fisheries.

Kyparissia Bay, situated in western Peloponnese, hosts the second largest nesting population of loggerhead turtles in the Mediterranean Sea. The higher numbers of nests is found at the southern part of the Bay, in a 10-km long core nesting area. ARCHELON has been working in this area conducting a long-term loggerhead tagging project since 1982 and runs a monitoring program of nesting activity every year since 1984.

How does the satellite tag work? We all know that female sea turtles are emerging from the sea to nest during night hours. Right after nesting is completed, trained scientists attach a specially designed small-sized transmitter to the carapace of the sea turtle. As the turtle surfaces for breath or comes completely out of the water, the transmitter sends a signal to an Argos satellite and this is how researchers can easily follow the turtle’s movements.

Besides tags, these 12 female sea turtles were also given names. Since there are five languages spoken in the countries of the MAVA project, we picked up names with a meaning from French, Arabic, Turkish, Albanian and Greek.

We used www.momjunction.com to select the names and their meanings.

So we are happy top present you with:

Francoise, the one with French roots
Fernande, an adventurous traveler
Amira, a born princess with a heart of gold
Aisha, one with success, one who is living
Ecrin, one who is a reward, a gift of God,
Tulin, a circular band of light around the moon
Seyyal, a traveler
Ella, one beautiful fairy
Etty, a star
Irini, one for peace
Isidora, a gift of Isis
Zosime, one who is likely to survive

The movements of these 12 loggerhead sea turtles are now online

and you can enjoy following above or full screen via this link: https://bit.ly/2YpbnEU.

source – archelon.gr

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