Long Queues at Kyllini Yesterday

The increased activity prevails at the port of Killini. Although three trips to Zakynthos and Kefalonia were executed from the morning after yesterday’s ban, the traffic is great and is constantly increasing.

Coast Guard officials underlined at ilialive.gr that this year, as early as Tuesday, the traffic to the two islands is quite high compared to other years, and today Wednesday the arrival rate of travellers at the harbour is increasing by hour.

The exit to the two Ionian islands is expected to peak on Thursday and Friday. If the same rhythm continues, there may be changes in the itineraries for this and interested parties will have to contact the Kylinis Port Department and the Levante Ferries company which will launch the three Fior di Levante, Mare di Levante and Kefalonia “on the two lines …


Today at 10:30 the Refurbished ship “Kefalonia” is scheduled to arrive at Poros for the first time and be added to the fleet of Levante ships serving Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

As previous report there are increased services to the islands this Easter and changes in standard ferry crossing times.

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