Lourdas Beach Clean 6th March 2019

Following on from our article on the issues with solid waste in the Mediterranean and especially plastics we were pleased to help Bell Noon who was single handedly cleaning Lourdas Beach this morning.

With a little assistance she cleared 3 big rubbish bags full of waste off the beach in under a couple of hours.

Lets all work from this great example to clean more beaches before the main tourist season starts, we at The Kefalonia Pulse will be happy to publicise any such events and support when we can.

A beautiful beach in lovely Spring sunshine this morning was even better when we left




One thought on “Lourdas Beach Clean 6th March 2019

  • March 7, 2019 at 5:47 pm

    Well done Bell, it’s usually a thankless task, but how sad that it needs to be done at all. One of the beaches we frequented Winter and Summer was always a mess, and in fairness we did at one time think the rubbish had been left by visitors to the beach, however so much was marine orientated ‘junk’ oil cans, lengths of rope, etc we assumed it had been ‘thrown overboard” If and when people use either the beach or the sea, there surely should be more respect than this.


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