Lourdas Lights it’s Traditional Christmas Boat

Others do trees Lourdas does Traditional boat

Ο Π.Σ. Lourdaton “O PLATANOS”, instead of a Christmas tree decorated the boat of G.G. of the association Tasos Bekatorou, and placed it at the entrance of the village, thus giving a note of optimism to spend Happy Holidays, as long as they can be this year with the quarantine and the fear of the invisible enemy. 

A few words about the custom of decorating the ship at Christmas with information from helppost.gr:

As a country of the sea, Greece had the custom of decorating the ship.

The ship symbolizes the new voyage of man in life, after the birth of Christ. A custom that has receded over time, in front of that of the tree, but no one seems to have forgotten it.

The Greek traditional boat is a tradition of the old times of our country, where children with love, joy and creative mind, used to make their own toys, using whatever they had on hand (usually wood and some paper or rags).

Most of the children ended up building the traditional, now, boat, inspired by the long journeys of their loved ones and the nostalgia to see them again.

But it was also a kind of honor and welcome to the sailors returning from their voyages.
50 years ago, that is, until the first post-war decade, we met the boat in many Greek houses and in the hands of children who sang carols. Today, this tradition tends to disappear, as it has been replaced by the foreign fir.

Intertwined with separations and unpleasant memories, but also as a curse of sailors in times of danger at sea, the boat could not symbolize family gatherings of warmth, with all the members present, or to stimulate the family feeling.

For this reason, the boat was rarely an element of decoration of Greek homes at Christmas and could not be established as a festive symbol.

In the early 1970s, the issue of removing the Christmas tree and replacing it with the boat was intensely discussed in our country, as it combined tradition with ecological consciousness.

The issue was certainly not that simple, as unsubstantiated arguments were presented on both sides, with references to ecological issues and suggestions from experts on the use of plants and trees, except fir.

The Christmas tree displaced the traditional boat that the Greeks decorated on Christmas days. In some areas (mainly on the islands) they still decorate “boats”, while in recent years there is a commendable effort of some Municipalities of the country, to restore the custom to its original form, decorating in their squares boats instead of fir trees.

Chios, a mainly naval island, continues to observe this old custom, paying tribute to its sailors and keeping alive our folk tradition.

Every year on New Year’s Eve, the custom of New Year’s boats is revived. Groups of people representing neighborhoods of the island’s capital build imitations of merchant and warships, made with special care.

However, the green branch always entered the Greek house in the days of the Twelfth Day, to bring hope for a new flowering, for a better future. 


source -lourdas.gr


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