Low air quality due to fires throughout Greece – Photo by satellite

The air quality over our country and in the Eastern Mediterranean in general is low today, Thursday 5 August 2021, after the fires that broke out in the area.

A satellite image of a visible spectrum that the National Observatory of Athens / meteo.gr processed early this morning, reveals the meteorological situation that prevails in the Eastern Mediterranean. A large number of forest fires that are in progress, mainly in Greece and Turkey , release very large quantities of microparticles into the atmosphere . The smoke is carried hundreds of miles away from the fires and reaches as far as North Africa.

In addition, according to the meteo, the concentration of African dust over our area is high, which also contributes to the low air quality. 

In many areas of Greece due to the high concentration of microparticles and moisture is observed foggy liquids and fog.

Significant improvement in air quality is expected from Friday with the strengthening of the northwest winds that will remove a large amount of pollutants.

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