Lufthansa flights from Frankfurt to Athens from May 18

The German airline company Lufthansa announced that from May 18 will begin flights from Frankfurt to Athens, as reported in the main news bulletin of Open TV, the correspondent of Open Channel in Berlin Pantelis Valassopoulos.
According to Pantelis Valassopoulos, this development comes after two months during which no air transport was carried out, while he added that flights from Munich to Athens will start in May.

As announced by the airline, from June it will start serving 60 destinations in Europe. In fact, among the top destinations will be Crete and Mallorca.

According to a statement from the president of Lufthansa, “restaurants are opening in different countries, we feel the longing of people who want to travel.” At the same time, all hygiene measures will be observed in the aircraft, while the use of a mask is necessary. 

The airline that loses 1,000,000 euros per hour

The issue of the crisis that air transport is going through due to the pandemic of coronation is not Greek. In a global catastrophe like the one on the planet, the problem is universal, as we have a “dive” for air giants in Europe with losses of hundreds of thousands of jobs and very significant revenues.

According to Sotiris Danezis’ report on Open TV , a company like Lufthansa, the world’s leading European airline group, not only sees its planes stuck on the ground, but sees it losing 1m euros an hour.

The Lufthansa, according to the story will eventually rescued by the German government, which will take a 25% share of the company.  British Airways , another large company, is expected to lay off 12,000 employees, RyanAir will lay off 3,000 employees in 2020, Icelandair , the airline Iceland will lay off 2,000 people, the famous Virgin Atlantic plans cuts 3,000 jobs, but will end its operations at Gatwick Airport. In total, major European airlines are expected to cut jobs by 35,000. 


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