Major road improvements in Argostoli

The council last night approved major resurfacing works of roads in Argostoli as detailed below

The aim of this road construction study is to maintain and restore existing municipal roads within
the urban plan of Argostoli, through reconstruction works of their roads in order to improve road traffic
and safety of vehicles and pedestrians and in general to improve the quality of life of citizens. The
twenty-five (25) municipal roads, with a total area of approximately 45,230.00 m2 that are planned to be
asphalted again, are damaged by repeated interventions in the construction or repair of networks of
Public Benefit Organizations, such as water supply, water supply, storage telephony, optics
fibers), the normal wear and tear of road time with their systematic use.


Note – The technical study – translated from greek there are translation issues but gives a better understanding of scope

argostoli roads

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