Make Mandatory Quarantine Anyone Who Returns to Our Islands

Island mayors express concern and concern about transmitting coronavirus 

The introduction of a 14-day compulsory quarantine for permanent residents who move out of the island and return to it calls on the government to increase the number of mayors to limit the chances of the coronavirus being transmitted  to their place and to ensure the full safety of their residents.

Full-time work also involves many construction crews in many islands in order to prevent the tourist season, and as a result, they go – without any control – in charge of synergies, construction sites and company executives from Athens and other major cities in the country. There are also dozens of travelers from other European countries who have appeared in recent days in both the Aegean and the Ionian and the Sporades as they have homes there and have decided to quarantine in Greece, starting earlier in their summer vacations.  

A teleconference between all Ionian mayors and Regional Governor Rhodes Kratsa took place on Tuesday (31.3), where the issue of port and airport transfers was raised. A joint letter to the relevant Ministers of Health, Maritime and Island Policy and Civil Protection sent three mayors of the Sporades requesting that the civil leadership be compulsorily – and not potentially – quarantined whichever islander returned to them from there. 

Better not to have Easter on the island 

In addition to this category of citizens there is also a portion of residents who regularly move to Volos for either exams or other jobs. “They must also be subject to mandatory quarantine when they return to the island,” the mayor of Alonissos added.

According to Alonissos himself, it has a population of 2,500 and there is only one multifaceted regional center that is staffed by only two agricultural doctors and two nurses. There is only one private boat for the patient to be transported to a hospital in Volos. “What if 2-4 cases suddenly occur?” asked Mr Vafinis. There are few shops on the island at this time, from which almost all residents shop. “Imagine a case of an island on the island. There will be a domino with uncontrollable consequences. ”

Italian looking …. shop in Skiathos for the summer

Without serious health checks, passengers continue to disembark at Skiathos Airport two weeks after the government imposed restrictive traffic measures. In the last 14 days 250 to 300 people have come to the island.

“There have come Austrians who have a home, some English people who live in Africa and have a holiday home, Greeks studying in America have returned, and even people from Thailand have come to the island in recent days. Even an Italian appeared in Skiathos who was looking to rent a shop for the summer. That should stop here and now. We want to go into quarantine and be voluntarily excluded to protect ourselves from the coronavirus, ” Skiathos Mayor Thodoris Tzoumas told 

There are also a number of technical workshops in the field to prevent the tourist season. Indicative was the presence of a contractor on the island on Wednesday (1.4) who inspected the projects. “He came to the island, he had no control and left.” With regard to the airport, of the five weekly flights, only two are operated. The municipality of Skiathos has prepared a special leaflet which is distributed to all passengers and on which all their details and their place of residence are recorded.

“We’re getting phones to see if they keep the 14-day quarantine,” Mr. Tzoumas added. At the same time, as he explains, although the Health Center of the island operates exemplarily, if the case is transferred automatically it will also be quarantined.  

They go by boat to Volos and then move on… carefree

About two hundred people have traveled to Skopelos over the last two weeks . Among them Austrian, Swiss, English, Thessaloniki and Athenians who own homes recently appeared on the island. All of them were quarantined, following the instructions of EODY . 
“But there are also many permanent residents who go by boat to Volos or other cities, returning and circulating on the island carefree and nice.

This cannot be continued. Those Skopelites traveling, returning should be quarantined automatically, ” the island ‘s mayor Stamatis Perissis told According to him, there are 4,900 residents on the island and the health center in the area is underutilized.

“We do not have a boat for patient relocation. Only the Port has some private rooms. And for the needs of the island we have built a house next to the Health Center where anyone who can raise a fever can be examined. ” In total the islands of the Northern Sporades are served by three ferry services a week from Sunday (29.3) and until April 30 at their connection with Volos. 

Conference of Ionian mayors with Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa

There is concern over the issue of port and airport transfers by residents to the Ionian Islands . The mayors discussed the issue during a teleconference Tuesday (31.3) with Ionian Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa. 

Corfu mayor Meropi Idraiou is in consultation with the local community and productive stakeholders on the island and is considering restrictions on the movement of citizens through air and sea connections.

“We are worried about the fact that many commutes. The closest reference hospital for coronavirus is in Ioannina, and those with serious illnesses are forced to travel to the Epirus city. All of this is a cause for concern. However, a complete quarantine cannot be imposed as the supply of the island cannot be stopped. We appreciate the situation and will announce our decisions in the coming time. ” Meropi Hydraou told

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