March 25 in Corfu: Impressive maneuvers of F-16 “Zeus” in Ionian Sea

With impressive maneuvers, he tore down the Ionian sky, the F-16 fighter jet Zeus of the Air Force, honoring March 25th at every corner of Greece.

The bells rang for the 25th
The Corfu people came out to the balconies and courtyards and applauded with all their might, and earlier by the decision of the Metropolitan of Corfu, Mr. Nektarios, all the bells of the churches of the island rang with joy to commemorate the double national holiday of Evangelism. 1821.
at the same time took place behind closed doors, at the Holy Metropolitan Church, the liturgy for the Feast of the Annunciation, while Bishop and the few priests who participated in the Holy Mass, chanted the Akathist Hymn the proponent Generals and the National Anthem.

Watch the fight over Corfu, video

Message of the Regional Governor for the 25th
Immediately afterwards, the Metropolitan of Corfu, as well as the Priests who participated in the Divine Liturgy, praised Hyperacho and our National Anthem.

“The National Anniversary of March 25th, the day of the Annunciation, was associated with the start of the Greek struggle for the throwing of the Ottoman yoke and has a profound and timeless symbolism for all Greeks and Greeks,” she writes in her letter for today March 25th the Ionian Regional Governor Rodi Kratsa – Tsagaropoulou.
“It is a heavy burden for all generations.

It is synonymous with the ideals of freedom, the passion for the homeland, the struggle for the survival of the nation. It is these ideals that accompany and motivate the Greeks in difficult times, in big decisions, they unite them, that make them heroes.

The Ionian Islands proudly commemorates the participation of the Ionian Islands in the great struggle of 1821. The Ionian Islands provided refuge to their rebellious brothers, helped financially and diplomatically the struggle, worked to support the major forces while serving in the major forces. Hellas.

Two major forms of struggle, the national poet Dionysios Solomos and the first ruler of the free Greek state, John Kapodistrias, are children of Ionian land. The “Greece 2021” events for the 200 years since 1821 will give us the opportunity to highlight the role and grandeur of the Ionian Islands.

This year’s Anniversary gives us the strength and inspiration to fight to overcome the unprecedented crisis that is suddenly threatening our lives and public health. 

Many years of faith in the power of each and every one and all together ”concludes her message to the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands. We will not lack the courage, the determination, the sympathy, the respect in our history, and we will emerge victorious.

Long live Greece!

Many years of faith in the power of each and every one and all together ”concludes her message from the Regional Governor of the Ionian Islands.

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