Mask KN95: How it can be reused – The advantages over other masks

The transmissibility of the Omicron mutation is very high, as a result of which there is a great deal of concern about the precautionary measures with the KN95 mask seeming to be the most ideal.

The KN 95 mask is the choice preferred by experts as research has shown that they have a clear advantage over surgical and fabric protection masks while the next solution is to use a double mask.

According to USA Today , fabric masks have large pores that allow the inhalation of droplets containing the coronavirus, while leaving gaps both on the cheeks and under the eyes.

That is why, as the article points out, several countries, including Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic, have made the use of the KN 95 mask mandatory .

KN95 ” masks ” are designed to achieve a good fit on the face and adequate filtration of suspended particles. They also have a denser fiber network than surgical or fabric fibers. On the other hand the N95 masks are made of polypropylene. “It is a material that goes through a process that melts and is ‘pushed’ into small diameter holes, so that it turns into tiny fibers that are tied together,” USA Today reports, among other things.
These fibers are also “then charged, passing through a device that generates static electricity. This load makes them 10 times more efficient in “catching” particles “.

KN95 masks do not leave gaps under the nose, cheeks and jaw while with proper use they filter up to 95% of the particles in the air and at the same time filter our own exhalations, in order to protect others.

How KN95 can be used more than once

The big disadvantage of KN95 masks is the cost as it is much higher than the corresponding surgical and fabric masks.

And the question of whether it can be reused comes to the fore with the article claiming that “despite the fact that the masks N95 and KN95 are disposable, many people have found ways to reuse them.”

And there is a reference to the CDC at the beginning of the pandemic when there was a shortage of KN95 masks in US hospitals .
So in order to use it again safely, the KN95 mask should be placed in a paper bag after use so that it breathes and in no case be careful in plastic. Close the bag and stay at room temperature for 3-4 days. Time is considered enough for all the viruses that were in it to have died. On the 4th or 5th day it can be used again.

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  • January 12, 2022 at 2:24 pm

    A very informative article. However it would have had more impact had the image used to illustrate the article shown the mask being worn correctly ie covering the mouth and nose.

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