Maybe we get some rain tomorrow (Friday 20th September)!

Weather change with locally heavy rains and thunderstorms from Thursday 19 September

Significant change is expected to show time after noon Thursday 19/9/2019 , particularly in central and northern Greece. Rainfall and thunderstorms will occur in the evening hours in the North Ionian Sea, Epirus, Thessaly, Macedonia as well as in the areas of Central Central and Peloponnese. At the same time the temperature will drop noticeably, especially in the north

The phenomena will be locally strong mainly in Macedonia and the northern parts of Thessaly , where they are likely to be accompanied by hailstorms. Areas that will be strongly affected include the prefecture and city of Thessaloniki. (Map 1)

During the night to Friday showers and thunderstorms , possibly locally strong, will occur in the northwestern Aegean Sea , in coastal sections of eastern mainland and Halkidiki , and places in Northern Greece . In the areas that will be affected most likely will include the islands of Sporades 

According to forecasts, heavy rains and thunderstorms will also occur during Friday 20/09/2019, significantly affecting Western, Central and Southern Greece.

Latest forecast for Kefalonia


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