Mayhem in New Zealand: Terrorist attacks on 2 mosques -27 dead

Terrorism hit New Zealand. Some time ago there were at least two attacks on mosques in the Kristitscher region with the first information talking about dozens of dead.

At the same time, there are fears that the number of victims will increase. One of the two attacks was filmed by the perpetrator, who had warned of a terrorist hit on social media. According to the latest information, the police managed and killed the man.

According to the first police report, four arrests have taken place while the operation is in progress.

As for the attack on the second mosque, foreign news networks refer to more perpetrators who went to van.

New Zealand police announced a few minutes ago that executives arrested four suspects in the context of a two-march arrest in the center of the city of Christchurch.

“Four persons are detained. Three are men and one is a woman, “Police Chief Mike Bush told reporters in Wellington.

“There is also information about improvised explosive devices fitted to cars that we could neutralize,” he added.

Bush stressed that it is not at this time possible to say safely whether this action was isolated or not. “At this point we have absolutely no cause,” he said.

New Zealand media reports that the dead are at least nine and there are fears that they will be over thirty.

Bush, for his part, was content to say that the number of deaths is “big.”

Christchurch schools have been instructed by police chief Mike Bush to lock their doors while the police urged the residents of the center to stay in their homes and call the number of immediate action if they perceive anything suspicious.

A witness witness told Radio New Zealand that he heard a fire before seeing four people lying on the ground and “blood everywhere.”

The alleged actor had announced his act via Facebook

According to the latest information the actor made live streaming of his ill-treated acts, with many Twitter users expressing their horror at the video being released on the internet.

Dailymail broadcasts a video that claims to show when the army arrives in one of the two mosques. This man looks like a man pulling from the trunk of his car and reaching the entrance of the mosque.

Just a few hours before the attack the assassin had posted a “manifesto” in which he claimed to have planned the attack for two years.

Shooting scenes from the live video of the actor

Shooting scenes from the live video of the actor

“An attack on New Zealand will draw attention to the attack on our civilization, there is no safe place in the world, the intruders are everywhere in our countries, even in the most remote areas,” he said among others.

Tarant wrote that “it represents the millions of Europeans and other nationalists” by saying that “we must ensure the existence of our people and the future of white children.”

The Manifesto Maniac

Προβολή εικόνας στο Twitter

A large armed police force has been deployed in the center of Christchurch where, according to media reports, armed men attacked two mosques in the city on the southern New Zealand Island and there are many victims.

“There is a serious incident in Christchurch”, where armed or armed men have opened fire, the police said, asserting that they are mobilizing all the forces at its disposal to deal with the situation, but “the danger remains very high”.

According to Stuff, staff at the Christopher General Hospital are preparing the emergency room for the reception of “40 to 50” injured.

According to the same source, police have blocked the area where the attacks were committed and emptied buildings, suggesting that the perpetrator or perpetrators are not or have been arrested.

One of the suspects, who, according to testimonies, reportedly “wore an outfit,” emptied at least two magazines in the believers who were praying at one of the two mosques.

Ahmad al-Mahmud, 37, said he saw a white, blond, short man with a helmet and a bulletproof vest opening fire about ten minutes after prayer began.

A resident of the city center said he heard “hundreds” of shots. “It was scary,” he added.

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