Measures for restaurants-bars: Considering they may open earlier than June 1 – Changes outdoors, semi-outdoors, municipal fees

The lifting of restrictive measures is fully implemented, with citizens and the market looking for their footsteps, but showing that they have the will and the will to adapt, which is why the government is now preparing to move on to the second phase. is the reorganization of the catering industry.

The original plan to open the catering business has been postponed, according to estimates so far, and according to the scientific community’s recommendations, for June. However, on Monday, the first day of the gradual lifting of the measures due to the coronavirus, a discussion has started about opening restaurants and bars earlier, with the government looking for the ideal formula for businesses to work, but also to protect the public from the coronavirus. In fact, it is now clear, after the ministers’ statements, that there will be significant facilities for entrepreneurs.

Mitsotakis meeting with ministers for catering
During the day, a wide-ranging teleconference is expected under Kyriakos Mitsotakis and with the participation, among others, of the co-responsible ministries on the issue of restoring the regularity of the catering industry , which is scheduled to reopen in early June.

Indicative are also the statements of the Minister of Development Adonis Georgiadis that the ministry is ready to suggest that the restaurants be opened earlier , “as long as there are no increased cases of coronavirus, this week we will gradually return to normalcy”.

Facilities: Outdoor and semi-outdoor areas
Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos and Undersecretary of Development Nikos Papathanasis gave an initial framework of facilities, as well as directions for the observance of the necessary hygiene rules and measures against the spread of coronavirus. On the part of the Ministry of Development, the scenario of giving more outdoor space to restaurants and even on the road is being considered.

As Nikos Papathanasis revealed, in order to avoid overcrowding, the idea is to give a space that will correspond to the width of each store, either on the sidewalk, or on the road, or in squares, if they are located next to open spaces. And this, without charging additional fees to the owners of the municipalities, in an effort to take a breather for entrepreneurs and to increase the turnover as much as possible, after the closure of restaurants due to the measures.

Mr. Papathanasis stated, in particular, this morning that “even on the road, space can be found, as is the case in many European countries.” At the same time, it is being considered to operate indoor spaces in the form of semi-outdoors .

Regarding the operating conditions, he said that the government’s intentions are for the restaurant to regain the dynamics it had before, that is, to cover the sq.m. and have the customers he had again. He referred to the relevant discussions that are taking place with the municipalities and KEDE in order to give more sq.m. in public places and sidewalks – no extra charge.

Government spokesman Stelios Petsas said in an interview with ANT1 television that announcements would be made after May 15 , but confirmed that Interior Minister Takis Theodorikakos and the country’s municipalities had already agreed to grant more. outdoor in business and at lower fees. “Whoever is in a hurry stumbles, we will see in the next period the measures that will be taken,” he said.
“In the beginning it was the financial support, then the tax cuts, but also the salary increase so that we do not have an explosion of unemployment in the coming months,” he said, referring to market support.

Theodorikakos: More square outside for table seats
The government will do everything to support professionals in catering, said today Takis Theodorikakos. Either by allocating more square meters outdoors for table seats , through the municipalities, where possible, or by reducing fees, where there are no additional spaces, said the Minister of Interior, Takis Theodorikakos in a morning show of OPEN, noting that this initiative has the support of the Prime Minister.

“The discussion we have with KEDE and all the municipalities is to give much more square meters, so that restaurants, cafes, etc., can expand their space and be able to serve almost the same number of potential customers that they could also serve in the previous period, without being financially burdened by the municipalities “, the Minister of Interior noted.

However, the final decisions are expected by mid-May and will depend on both the data on the course of the corona in the country and the recommendations made by the scientific committee.

However, according to the government ‘s original plan, the cafes and restaurants that have outdoor areas will open at the beginning of the summer, but under very specific conditions.

More specifically, more than four people will not be able to sit at each table, while one table from the other should be two meters away. At the same time, the correspondence per person outdoors will be one per 3 sq.m. As part of the security measures, workers in these areas will be required to wear gloves and a mask.

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