Measures: What changes in traffic and curfew hours 

All new measures from March 20 – The curfew – What opens on Monday, March 22

Changes take effect today, Saturday, March 20 throughout the country as part of the immediate implementation of specific measures with a low epidemiological footprint, as announced on March 19, during the regular briefing on the course of the coronavirus pandemic .

From today, the traffic hours of the citizens throughout the territory are extended as the traffic ban starts from 21:00 until 5 in the morning due to the partial lifting of the lockdown . 

The extension is valid uniformly and throughout the week. 

Also, the open-air archeological sites and public parks are reopened for visits by up to 3 people , unless it concerns families, with the obligatory use of a mask and keeping distances with the use of 6 at 13033 and without a car. 

As it was clarified, visits to archeological sites and parks are allowed without the use of a car or motorcycle but only on foot or by bicycle, which is what applies to code 6 in sms 13033 . 

In addition , amateur fishing is allowed either from a watercraft up to 8 meters long or from the beach for residents in coastal municipalities only and using code 6 approaching on foot or by bicycle and with the necessary accompanying documents in the case of boat owners, ie the E9 proving the ownership of the boat.

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