Medical Certificates: Digitally to citizens through the MyHealth application

Medical certificates are now issued digitally, simply, quickly and safely.

The new service of IDIKA was presented on Thursday morning by the Minister of State and Digital Government Kyriakos Pierrakakis , the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris, the Deputy Minister of Digital Government George Georgantas and the President and CEO of The.
Medical certificates are the official certification by the doctor that a citizen can participate in sports activities safely for himself and his fellow human beings. In addition, it is possible for the certificate to be issued for any other legal use.

The procedure is performed exclusively by the doctor of each citizen. Initially, the doctor registers the citizen ‘s AMKA in the “Medical Certificates” service of the Electronic Prescribing system, selects the type of certificate (swimming pool, gym, specific sport or for any legal use) and finally chooses one of the standardized texts. The medical certificate is issued automatically and is available to the citizen as follows:
  • from myHealth app, in the section “Medical Certificates”
  • Once the citizen has activated the intangible prescription, the barcode number of the medical certificate is sent by SMS and the full medical certificate by e-mail in pdf format (depending on what the citizen has chosen as the information channel for the intangible prescription)
  • if the citizen is not registered in the intangible prescription, the medical certificate is printed by the doctor.

The authenticity of the medical certificates by the bodies to which it is addressed is done through There, the recipient to whom the citizen addresses the medical certificate for use has the opportunity to search for it with the barcode code and to check its details, such as the name, the specialty of the doctor, the type and the text that he has written. Also, depending on the status of the medical certificate, one of the following messages appears:

  • “Valid Medical Certificate”
  • “Expired Medical Certificate” (Medical certificates for Swimming Pools, Gyms or Specific Sports are valid for one year)
  • “Invalid Medical Certificate”

To check a medical certificate according to the above procedure, the recipient enters the platform with the codes in Taxisnet .

The Minister of Health Thanos Plevris pointed out:

“The successful confrontation of the pandemic and the daily battle with it does not prevent us at the same time from implementing the policies that will serve the citizen, especially in the field of Health. With the assistance of the Ministry of Digital Governance and electronic medical certificates, we are moving forward to another step that will greatly help the citizen. This is a possibility which together with a series of other actions will lead Health to a next stage for the benefit of the citizen and is the continuation of actions that have been done so far and are combined with intangible prescribing and SMS applications on our mobile phones. with the aim of utilizing the know-how and support that the Ministry of Digital Governance gives us as a whole “.

The Minister of State and Digital Governance Kyriakos Pierrakakis wished good luck and good strength to the new leadership of the Ministry of Health and then stated: includes both “small wins” and breath-taking and long-term planning projects. We seek a “marriage” between technologies and platforms with knowledge and science.

This is how it was done in the digital system of the vaccination program, this is how we are moving forward now. The medical certificates that we announce today are issued through the system of electronic prescription, which we have extended by implementing the intangible prescription. The certificates appear in the myhealth application which is a model for the digital medical file, a building that we will see implemented in the coming months “.

The Deputy Minister of Digital Governance, George Georgantas, stated: “Today, we enable the issuance of medical certificates, digitally. Every citizen will now be able to easily, quickly and safely use the medical certificates required for a series of activities of his daily life, through the MyHealth application, designed by IDIKA. In collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Ministers Kyriakos Pierrakakis and Thanos Plevris, we continue to design and offer new digital health services, substantially upgrading the service of the citizen “.

The President and CEO of IDIKA Niki Tsouma noted: “Digital medical certificates are another service completed by IDIKA in the context of the Digital Reform of the Health sector and follow a number of other digital services that have been implemented, most recently MyHalth app. The continuous progress in this field is fueled by the vision of IDIKA and the experience of its employees. The results are recognized by the Greek citizens and are supported by the support of both the Ministry of Digital Governance and the Ministry of Health “.

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