Meeting held on promotion and improvement of Koutavos Lagoon and the ancient walls of Krani

The issue of the exploitation and promotion of koutavos lagoon and ancient krani has been raised once again in the last few months at a wide meeting of representatives and bodies held yesterday, Friday afternoon at the offices of the region in argostoli in the presence of the great minister. Sotiris Kouri, Mayor of argostoliou k. Theophilos Mihalatou and the deputy mayor of technical works k. Dionysis Minetou.

The discussion took place in a good climate, and as vice president sotiris kourēs stressed, the responsible bodies of the island should sit at a table in order to solve all issues. He said that the region will stand by this effort by financing the appropriate studies and stressed that it considers it necessary to grant and manage the area to the municipal community of argostoli since the municipality is an integral part of our city and the municipal community consists of remarkable people with appetite And Passion for the realization of these goals.

During the meeting, proposals were made and opinions were submitted both on the exploitation of the park and on the promotion of the archaeological site with the ephorate of Antiquities of kefalonia being part of the project.

The Main citizens and citizen in their positions stressed that it is a shame for such natural wealth not to be saved when it could approach thousands of visitors every year as it would be a source of interest for the benefit of the inhabitants and visitors alike.

The K. Ortentzatos mentioned the processes that have been carried out by the municipal community so that this final attempt to bear fruit, making it known that long discussions have been held with the mayor and have been submitted to him personally, important evidence to carry out the process of transferring the area’s responsibilities .

For his part the mayor Argostoli Mr Michalatos showed a lot of attention, noting that the goal is the common development and development progress of the next day stressing that as a municipal authority it will stand close to our efforts.

Source -FB post of Municipal community of Argostoli

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