Meeting in Agia Efimia with the Secretary General of the Aegean and Island Policy Mr. Manolis Koutoulakis

Today I was in Agia Efimia where an extended meeting took place on the occasion of the arrival of the General Secretary of the Aegean and Island Policy Mr. Manolis Koutoulakis, with whom I traveled today from Athens.

Participating, among others, the Mayor of Sami Mr. Makis Monias, the President of Agia Efimia PC Mr. Panagis Zafeiratos, the Deputy Regional Governor Mr. Stavros Travlos, the Mayor of Argostoli Mr. Theofilos Michalatos in the capacity of the President of Limenos the President of the Municipal Council of Sami Mr. Pantelis Amourgis and the Deputy Mayors of the Municipality of Sami Stelios Spathis and Spyros Spathis, the Regional Director of LS Mr. Evryviadis Sapounas and the Port Authority of Kefalonia Mr. Thanassis Sioutis

The situation in Agia Efimia was discussed, especially in the port and its land area, as well as the next steps after the funding from the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy (YNANP) with 1,000,000 euros for the restoration of the port.

Also, the flood protection of the settlement and the wider basin of Pylaros was discussed, given the funding from YNANP of the flood protection study of Pylaros with 1,600,000 euros, as well as the projects that are being carried out by the Ionian Islands Region and the Municipality of Sami.

In the wider area of ​​Pylaros, in addition, the works for the bridge of Heimonikos and the restoration and strengthening of the road of Myrtos begin.

A common finding of all was that the next day and the completion of the interventions, he will find Agia Efimia and Pylaros shielded. With much stronger infrastructure to withstand floods and natural disasters that will occur in the future. The contribution of YNANP was decisive in order to secure the necessary resources.  

Mr. Koutoulakis also informed us about the planning of YNANP for Kefalonia and Ithaca, in the field of port works. After securing funding of 2,500,000 euros from the Ministry of Infrastructure for the port of Argostoli, the weight will be given to the ports of Sami and Poros, while as interventions have been selected by YNANP, the interventions in Frikes and Pessada.

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