Meeting with the Minister of Health Mr. Plevris and the Mayor of Argostoli Mr. Michalatos

Today with the Mayor of Argostoli Mr. Theofilos Michalatos, we had a meeting with the Minister of Health Mr. Thanos Plevris.

The meeting took place on the occasion of the meeting of the Municipal Council of Argostoli on October 24 , on the situation of the Hospital of Kefalonia. 

The Mayor handed over to the Minister the resolution of the Municipal Council with the positions of our local community. The meeting due to the pandemic took place with a limited number of people and in the near future there will be a meeting at the Ministry of Health with all stakeholders and individuals, as provided by the decision of the Municipal Council.

The problem that exists due to the lack of physicians and anesthesiologists was discussed. The Mayor explained to the Minister the motives approved by the Municipal Council of Argostoli for the financial support of the doctors who will fill positions that have been announced in the Hospital of Argostoli.

It was agreed to re-advertise positions related to these specialties after the legislation that provides additional compensation to anesthesiologists, physicians, pulmonologists amounting to 250 euros, for every 24 hours on duty in hospitals outside Athens, and a corresponding possibility in private. The same was agreed for the staff positions in the ICU of the Argostoli Hospital, on the condition that there will be interested people to fill them.

The building problem faced by the Hospital was also discussed, due to the burden from the 2014 earthquake and the long-term lack of maintenance. The obsolete mechanical equipment of the building is also a serious problem. In cooperation with the services of the Ministry of Health and the KTYP, the necessary actions are taken so that the relevant needs of the hospital are covered by financial programs of the Recovery Fund and the NSRF.

Finally, we discussed donations and public-private partnerships. On the one hand, for the very important donation of the “Stavros Niarchos” Foundation, 230,000 euros, which will allow the operation of a modern Gastroenterology Clinic at the Hospital, essentially creating a new clinic. On the other hand, for the donation of the Bequest “Georgiou and Maris Vergotis” 1,200,000 euros, for the new building of the Emergency Department (TEP).

I warmly thank Minister Plevris. This is the third time we have had a working meeting in recent weeks and in cooperation with the services of the Ministry we are working to have positive results in the difficult conditions created for the health system by the coronavirus pandemic.

Panagis Kappatos

MP for Kefalonia & Ithaca

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