Unique geological phenomenon

Melissani Cave is one of the most spectacular creatures of nature in Kefalonia as it is twenty meters below ground level and its waters reach a depth of ten to thirty meters.

Close to Sami with the natural entrance of the cave created by the falling part of its roof. Thus, it is vertical and measures about 40 by 50 meters. Visiting Melissani is possible via an artificial staircase and a large underground aisle.

With boats, the tour begins from the “open” part of the cave, where part of the roof is missing and natural light enters, and continues into its covered areas, amidst thousands of years of stalactites that make up the stunning natural decoration.

There is also a small islet in the center of the lake. The findings discovered there reflect the worship of the god Pan and the presence of the Nymphs. For this reason Melissani is also called the Nymph’s Cave.

source – news.gr