Message from the Governor of the Ionian Islands for the anniversary of October 28

Winston Churchill’s phrase “heroes fight like Greeks” expresses all the Greek greatness of World War II.

We pay tribute to the heroes and the victims with emotion.

We promise that we will not forget.

The sacrifices were not lost.

Fascism and Nazism were defeated, the power of freedom and humanity emerged, the futility of wars between Europeans and the idea of ​​a United Europe was born from the rubble.

Eighty years after the NO of the Greeks, the Europeans consolidated and stabilized democracy and peace among themselves.

Today, united and determined, they must protect their ideals and achievements, protecting all members of the European family from external dangers and threats, such as those that our country openly accepts from neighboring Turkey.

Long live Greece.

Long live freedom.

The Ionian Islands commemorates the 28 th October 1940 with pride and looking to the future.

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