Message from the Mayor regarding a study for the new visitor center in the port of Poros




Argostoli, 18-08-2020

Dear Panagiotis,

The initiatives of young people who contribute to the development of our place and promote the well-being of our fellow citizens must be highlighted and set an example to be imitated.

With the air of your youth, the deep love for the place where you were born and raised, your high level of knowledge, you prepared a remarkable architectural study for the regeneration of the port of Poros, taking into account the special characteristics, the environmental conditions and the needs of the area.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Port Fund, I would like to thank you publicly for the proposal you submitted and to promise you that its use will proceed immediately for the benefit of our local community.

With the hope that we will soon exchange views on the further progress and regeneration of the ports of our islands.

Yours sincerely

Theofilos Michalatos

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