Message from the Mayors of Kefalonia and Ithaca regarding the Government’s initiative to dismantle the successful waste collection and management system in our islands.

Dear fellow citizens,

It is a fact that in the midst of a pandemic we are living in unprecedented situations.

The government has chosen this painful period for citizens and businesses to advance to a vote in Parliament with concise procedures and without any consultation with local communities and municipalities, a provision that is a major blow to cohesion and Kefalonia’s operational structures. of Ithaca.

It removes and decomposes the system related to the culture of cleanliness, waste collection and management, in Kefalonia and Ithaca.

For 35 years, since 1985, Kefalonia and in the procession and Ithaca, have formed through the Local Government, the Municipalities and initially the then Communities, a model model of waste collection and management so that Kefalonia acquires the undisputed title of “Cleaner Island “.

In the last 35 years the administrative self-government system in Kefalonia and Ithaca passed through the 3 Municipalities and the 76 communities, in the 8 Municipalities and one community with KAPODISTRIA, in the two Municipalities with KALLIKRATIS and now in the 4 Municipalities, but its system Garbage collection and management not only remained the same as Inter-Municipal Enterprise / EDAKI but grew, strengthened and became a model for all of Greece.   

All the people of Kefalonia and together the people of Thia are proud of this honor and not only those who served the pioneering creations first of the historical Inter-Municipal and then until today of EDAKI and with them the workers.

And while Kefalonia had (and still has) a “tidy shop” during the statement of the President of KEDE and the Mayor of Trikala Mr. Papastergiou, the Government comes inexplicably and submits a legislative regulation literally at midnight (last Friday) 244/ not only the Municipalities, but also the Parliamentary Representative of our islands Mr. Panagi Kappatos. A regulation that in two words narcotizes that we have conquered as a local society 35 years now and puts us in the same fate as areas where the respective waste management models are in opposition to our own model and therefore bring very heavy fines to our country.

We tried to convince the Government (represented by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment, Mr. Em. Grafakos, in the successive teleconferences) about the law of non-negotiable request and our four Municipal Councils and all the Municipal Councils as well as the Ionian Municipal Councils. excluding the Ionian Islands from No. 93 of the polynomial plan for the environment. No municipality on our islands wants to create a central FODSA as well as the other islands, – although delayed – tend to solve the problem of their waste.

Unfortunately, we have met, at least so far, the denial. The denial and even without arguments.

No answer to our obvious question: “Why are you abolishing a conquered conquest of Kefalonia and Ithaca and putting us in charge of the culture of cleanliness with partners and the Region and in fact with a high percentage (40%)?”.

Dear fellow citizens,

We are sure that with our unyielding attitude we honor the trust you gave us with your vote a year ago!

We are confident that with our stance we are defending your will to keep Kefalonia and Ithaca the cleanest islands in Greece.

We refuse to enter into the logic of the Government that others decide for us without us!

We refuse to accept so-called alternative proposals that either give us what we already have (eg garbage collection) and give the impression that they consider us to be in a reduced state of mind, or are targeted proposals to serve their own personal interests ( eg the headquarters and the presidency of the new body…), or even aim at the “slow death” of Kefalonia and Ithaca with variegated but new content counterparts of the type… “together to form the road map for efalonia within six months “!   

We refuse to go along with those (and those) who side with each other in the interest not of Kefalonia but of the Government and their party!

We refuse to serve other people’s interests than those of Kefalonia and Ithaca and everything that the legislative initiative of the Government hides!

We refuse – even with the suspicion that it could happen – to accept something that really entails the danger that Kefalonia will become the cradle of the Ionian Islands (and most likely in visible time not only…) and at the same time the business gold mine in waste management!

We deny the complacency of the Government representatives on our islands and their followers that “nothing will change” with the Government’s proposal.

And in a few words:

We, as Mayors, refuse to sell out Kefalonia and Ithaca and with our fellow citizens!

We have a reliable, tested and standard for Greece waste collection and management system! Why change it?

The Mayors of
Argostoli – Theofilos Michalatos
Lixouri  – Katsivelis
Sami –  Makis Monias
Ithaca –  Dionysis Stanitsas

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