Message of “thanks” for support and donations to Argostoli hospital this year

As an employee – nurse – of the General Hospital of Kefalonia I would like to wish a very happy name day to all our fellow citizens and those who reside outside Kefalonia (in Greece or abroad) and representatives of entities, professional associations, the Municipality Administration and the Chamber that at the beginning of epidemic responded to the hospital’s invitation to support medical equipment and branded or anonymously offered valuable equipment and personal protective equipment through donations.
I also wish a very happy birthday to medical, paramedical, and administrative – fighting to supply us with personal protection means – also in the technical – for the technical support of the Covid clinic-staff of the General Hospital of Kefallinia.
All of the above together achieved two important goals.
One concerns the full recovery of all positive cases hospitalized at the above clinic after everyone was discharged. During the resultant care provided to patients, part of this useful equipment was used and fortunately the use of donated ventilators was not required.
The other concerns effective management of incidents in prevention of disease dispersion achieved thanks to adequacy of personal protection instruments – part of this was obtained through donations – proper education and strict compliance with the protocol. Otherwise any diaspora of the disease would increase cases and burden the positive image our island has so far from an epidemiological perspective.
These positive results of the Hospital-society cooperation (either as individual citizens or collective entities) will continue to be evident in 2021.
Together we can all be victorious by this pandemic that threatens all of us health and adversely affects our social and economic lives.

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