Migrant episodes in Lesvos – Tension in the village of Moria

Violent clashes with fires, roadblocks and tear gas broke out early Monday afternoon between about 2,000 Afghan asylum seekers residing in the Moria camp, men and women of all ages, and the police, in the wake of the Muntanis’ mobilization.

According to RES-EA, shortly after 4 pm the classroom in the Kara Tepe area was restored and fires were extinguished. Crowded in the city with a strong police guard marched to Sappho Square from where they would attempt to leave for the Moria camp.

However, shortly after 8 pm, tension broke out in the village of Moria, when about 300 asylum seekers, mostly returning from today’s demonstrations, attempted to cross the village to reach the camp.

A group of locals reacted and the village bells rang and soon a large number of residents took to the streets.

Asylum seekers were driven to the camp, but residents of Moria remain on the streets protesting after having first held a popular assembly in the presence of Northern Aegean Regional Governor Costas Moutzouris and Mytilene Mayor Stratis Kytelis.



How the episodes started

The Afghan demonstration arrived at around 10.30 in the morning, almost at the entrance to the town of Mytilene, shortly after the Kara Tepe municipal camp.

There they were expecting a strong police force that did not allow them to continue. Then, a group of about 1,000 protesters fled through neighboring fields to get behind the PPC plant, on the north bypass road, and from there to the city to protest. Along the way they lit fires for antisemitism.

It should be noted that for the time being, the fire was burning in buildings adjacent to the PPC plant.

The fires were expanded and then street fighting began in order not to increase the number of those trying to reach the city.

Throwing tear gas pushed away the large numbers of young Afghans who were left on the road and pushing the police to pass. While the road closure did not allow fire trucks to leave the service facilities located in the area.

At the same time, about 500 people who managed and entered the city from its northern quarter, reinforced by young Afghans always in the city, occupied the waterfront in front of the city’s Municipal Theater, and some set up tents.

A request from around 2,000 protesters to consider the applications of some 20,000 asylum seekers, 70% of them of Afghan origin living in the wider Mytilene area who came to Lesvos before New Year’s Eve.

As they claim, the new Asylum Service examines those who came after New Year’s Eve with the new asylum law to determine if they are entitled to leave for Athens or to return to Turkey those who are not.

The result of this practice is not to deal with the requests of all those who have been living on the island for many months.

Greek authorities are investigating the possible incidents of today’s incidents in Lesvos, according to Noti Mitarakis, the Minister of Immigration and Asylum .

Lesvos of New Democracy and Vice-Speaker of the Parliament, Charalambos Athanasiou, reached the point and stressed that “the island’s decommissioning measures and asylum procedures are urgent”.

He recommended to the citizens “calm and patience to move forward with the government’s plan”.

SYRIZA: Responsibility for today’s incidents in Moria rests solely with Mitsotaki government

SYRIZA assigns sole responsibility to the government for the current incidents in Moria and criticizes the management of refugee-migrants.

“The Mitsotaki government is solely responsible for today’s incidents.

It has to restore the living conditions in the refugee centers and move the islands into disarray, “the opposition official said.

SYRIZA specifically says in his statement that “the tragic images unfolding today in Moria, where MAT forces attack refugees protesting living conditions using chemicals, even against underage children, are the result of total irresponsibility. Mitsotakis government is handling the refugee issue. “

In this context, he accuses the government of “leading the refugee to a standstill:” With the pre-election exploitation of the refugee vote, the irresponsible announcements of an immediate solution, the slipping into an intolerant and racist rhetoric that poisoned local communities. The abolition and re-establishment of the responsible ministry and the constant rotation of coordinators. The exhaustion of its policy on communications fireworks. “

SYRIZA says that the situation in Moria, but also in many other refugee centers, “is, literally, tragic, unfortunately even after seven months of mistakes, costing both refugees and immigrants as well as local communities. and crosses the country internationally. “

It also accuses the government that “instead of implementing a serious management plan, it continues to feed Greek society with far-right populism, ranging from tributes such as watercourses to tolerance of racism and xenophobia.”

In addition, she accuses it that “instead of internationalizing the issue and calling on Europe to assume its responsibilities, it firmly states that living conditions in the new prison centers they are planning will work as a deterrent for refugees.”

source – kathimerini.gr

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