Ministry of Education sources: Schools will not be closed on Tuesday, teachers are just on strike

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The Ministry of Education gives clarifications regarding tomorrow’s closure of the schools .

Information from the Ministry of Education initially clarified that the schools will not be closed , despite the strike of teachers, who express their opposition to the bill which brings changes at all levels of education. The Ministry of Education hopes that the participation of teachers in tomorrow’s strike will be reduced.

Shortly afterwards, the official announcement of the Ministry of Education came: “From the press office of the Ministry of Education and Religions and to avoid confusion that may arise from certain web posts, it is clarified that the schools will be open tomorrow Tuesday 9/6” .

Rally in Propylaea against the bill of the Ministry of Education
OLME and ILO will hold a rally in the Propylaea on Tuesday and then march to Parliament (13:00). At the same time, they have planned a demonstration in Parliament and on Wednesday, the day of the vote on the bill .

OLME calls for “the withdrawal of the anti-education bill, the abolition of the amendment-shame for the live broadcast of the course with cameras, the increase of public funding from the state budget and the adoption of measures to take all necessary measures.” safe operation of schools. ”

The ILO, for its part, notes that “the political leadership of the Ministry of Education, uncompromising and with complete contempt for democratic institutions and institutional dialogue against the loud protest of teachers, students and parents, submitted the multi-bill to Parliament late last night and Unfortunately, in the next few days he will go to the polls. ”

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