FB post from ARK translation  not perfect between languages but still a beautiful outcome can be understood.
It was February 27, 2014. A few days after the big earthquake. Ark received many phone calls about a dog lying on a street corner in A. Antonios Lixouri, which was paralyzed by a wall that fell on it from the recent earthquakes in Paliki.

According to testimonies, it must have been there for several days and just waiting for help or he would die … difficult days after the earthquake severely disrupted Lixouri.

Immediately a search was set up and after a while he was found in Mr Psarrou’s office where the x-rays showed serious damage to his vertebra and the chances of recovery zero !!!! But who said that there are no miracles ???

After much care and patience to be had when caring for a handicapped dog so as not to be hurt by bedtime, and staying home daily, after 3-4 months Miros got up and stood on his feet !!!!!

A few months later, when a miracle had completely overtaken his injury and he became the standard-bearer of today’s English citizen, a member of an extraordinary family that immediately loved him first when they saw him in an adoption video created by Teresa Keohane & Janet Pearce and expressed their interest in adopting him.

That is why we named him Miro .. because it is a miracle that came from the love and care he received in our shelter !!!!

We want to thank Lucy and her family for opening their home to this wonderful guy … you will adore him and he will adore you, be sure children !!!  and Teresa and Janet who created the amazing video that Miros was adopted because of it …

and of course all those who have helped all these years so that Miros can be fully mobile and eventually adopted !!!!

source – kefaloniamagazine.gr & FB post of Friends of the ARK