Mitsotaki announcements on Friday for the road map of the holidays

On Friday, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will announce to the citizens the roadmap for the coming days, but also for the Christmas holidays.

The Prime Minister is waiting for the data, but also the proposals of the special group of scientists and infectious disease specialists for the course of the coronavirus and then the decisions will be made on how to gradually remove the lockdown. It is noted, however, that the Prime Minister just yesterday stressed that ” our road may seem slower , but it will be safer and more secure. And above all, it must be a road without setbacks. “But we have no doubt that we still have some difficult days ahead of us and as soon as the debate on how to get out of the strict restrictions will begin.

Lockdown removal: The triptych schools-retail-catering
The “key” date remains for the time being December 7, however everything shows that the lockdown will not be lifted then, but will get a slight extension, maybe for the 14th of the month. According to information, the design under consideration provides for a gradual opening, always depending on the course of the cases. However, there is already optimism for improvement of the situation, since the data show a decline.

The plan for the opening of the schools – Indications for after the holidays
The gradual lifting of the lockdown will be based on the triptych schools-retail-catering, but not necessarily in this order, as the Christmas holidays are in the middle and the schools would be closed anyway. Everything is expected to be judged at the meeting of experts at the end of the week.

However, it is noted that the Prime Minister in the cabinet stressed that the lifting of the lockdown will be based on data and not on desired dates, while several scientists in their positions state negative in the possible return of students to the classrooms before Christmas .

Indicative is the statement of the professor of Pathology and member of the committee of experts of the Ministry of Health, Charalambos Gogos, who sees the opening of schools, even primary schools, after the holidays. As he stressed speaking on SKAI TV, the committee has not yet made its decisions, but with the data so far, the gymnasiums and lyceums will most likely open after the holidays, while something similar may happen with the primary schools. He characteristically stated that if the situation does not allow the opening of the primary schools on December 14, “it does not make sense to discuss it”. In fact, he added that the main concern is the mobility around the opening of schools, which will burden the system.

For his part, the government spokesman, Stelios Petsas, referring to the schools, said that there is no suggestion for a different treatment based on the geographical areas, but the burden is being shed on the whole territory. Regarding the date when the schools will open, he said that the government is waiting for the suggestions of the experts and pointed out that especially in primary and secondary schools the viral load is small.

The opening of economic activity in view of Christmas
Another difficult equation that government and infectious disease specialists have to solve is the opening up of economic activity, which includes shops, malls and of course catering (restaurants, cafes, bars, nightclubs).

With the data available, but always waiting for the suggestions of experts, the retail will be opened with great care. First will be the opening of small businesses with great care and with continuous restrictive measures, while with corresponding conditions will take the baton for reopening and shopping centers.

Holidays with few shops open
And the professor of Infectious Diseases Pathology at the University of Crete and member of the committee of experts of the Ministry of Health, Achilleas Gikas, stressed that ” we can celebrate with some shops only open and conditional. As abroad, so in our country there are studies that show the burden of opening restaurants, retail, schools, universities, etc. Each of these areas has a charge percentage. “If there is a proper management in a scientific way, then we can achieve the lowest possible cost.”

The difficult equation of focus – “Green light” with strict terms for restaurants
On Christmas Eve, the catering professionals, who have lifted a lot of weight due to the lockdown, are waiting for the decisions on whether they will operate and on what terms. Infectious disease specialists are clear about the focus and stress that it is expected to be the last industry to be discussed for its opening – and everything shows that it is going backwards. “We are all skeptical because there is still the burden on the health system that has plagued us and I have seen many surprises with this particular virus. “Calculations often fall out”, warned Mr. Gogos.

And the government spokesman, however, clarified that even when the restaurant opens there will be no night entertainment and opportunity for standing up. What is being discussed is the issue of restaurants. This means that nightclubs and bars will not open.

How will the holidays be at home
Already, however, the prime minister has given an idea of how we should look forward to the holidays . “We will have a different Christmas this year. Much more limited, with our families, with the people we love, maybe another family. And so it must be done in this special 2020, which had many surprises in store for us “, he had stressed during his meeting with the administration and the medical staff of the” Papageorgiou “hospital in Thessaloniki.

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