Mitsotaki TV message at 6 for the coronavirus – He will not announce a new lockdown

Kyriakos Mitsotakis will address a televised message about the coronavirus at 6 in the afternoon.

As Stelios Petsas said during the briefing of the political authors , the prime minister will not announce a new lockdown, but will describe the situation we are in today and will underline what needs to be done so that stricter measures are not implemented.

At the same time, the government spokesman stressed the need for strict adherence to the measures in force and stressed that the use of masks indoors and on public transport is of paramount importance.

Seven deaths in a few hours
At the same time, deaths from the coronavirus in Greece are constantly increasing, as seven people have lost their lives in the last hours.

In particular, a 67-year-old man – who, according to information, did not have underlying diseases – passed away at the Alexandroupolis hospital. At the same time, an 84-year-old man with underlying diseases succumbed to his illness in Mytilene.

A 76-year-old man with underlying diseases ended up in the hospital of Kavala, while an 86-year-old woman died in the “Sotiria” hospital. Also, a 74-year-old woman who was treated at the “Evangelismos” hospital, with underlying diseases, and another 63-year-old man, also with the underlying diseases, passed away at 9:30 in the morning at the Larissa hospital.

The latest victim is a 68-year-old man with underlying diseases who was hospitalized in the ICU of AHEPA.

Attica is in the red
Attica remains in the red and the experts ring the alarm bell every day. Infectious disease specialist Marios Lazanas expressed the assessment that the measures should be tightened, with the obligatory use of a mask outdoors, in order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus.

In his statements to SKAI, he noted that the committee of experts has not raised the issue of lockdown , nor the closure of schools, without ruling out for the future, if they do not implement the existing measures. 

“Lockdown is financially painful. What is required is the tightening of the measures with obligatory use of the mask inside and outside “, Mr. Lazanas stated characteristically, pointing out that it is an inexpensive measure and it protects. “If there are 4 or 5 people without a mask, isn’t it a rally? “What’s wrong with wearing a mask?” He added.

At the same time, he stressed the need to take measures for congestion on public transport, increasing the frequency of services and if there are not so many means, the government could proceed to rent a bus.

With regard to the workplace, the infectious disease specialist proposed an increase in the rate of teleworking, stressing of course the need to secure jobs so as not to lay off workers due to the measure.

Vatopoulos: It is up to us to avoid the lockdown
For his part, the professor of Microbiology of the School of Public Administration of the University of West Attica, Alkiviadis Vatopoulos, expressed his strong concern for the densely populated areas of Athens, due to the cases of coronavirus , but underlining that in our hand

For the center of Athens, Mr. Vatopoulos, in his statements to Mega, advised the citizens “to move only when necessary, to avoid crowded areas, to always wear a mask and to disinfect their hands. Retirees who have jobs in the center should go during the less crowded hours “.

The mask has helped in terms of the number of cases, said Mr. Vatopoulos, but much attention is needed in areas of Athens that are densely populated. Referring in particular to the migrant population of the center, he stressed that people live in very poor conditions and many together in the same house. Care must be taken so that “in their own language we pass the message to them so that they do not crowd in squares and understand the problem”, he added. At the same time, the professor of Microbiology pointed out that “overcrowding in cafes is also dangerous”.

Lockdown is not necessary
As for the possibility of a lockdown, Mr. Vatopoulos said that “it is up to us to prevent it. It is not fatal and it is necessary to make a lockdown . “If we manage to coordinate the organized state and the citizens, then we can prevent it.”

There are concerns, meanwhile, about squatting in schools, as students congregate without protection measures. “And because the disease is transmitted by droplets, if the children are in an uncontrollable state without masks, then there is a problem,” concluded Mr. Vatopoulos.

Linu: To reverse the situation
“If we do not manage to reverse the pandemic, then the treatment will be very difficult and for some it will be impossible,” said Athena Linou, professor of Epidemiology, and said that to take additional measures we should not think numerically, but “we must the state and the citizens to do the impossible, with prudence and optimism, to reverse the situation “.

The professor, moreover, pointed out that we must “try immediately and not wait until next Monday to take action” and added that “we must take action today”.

“We do not see only the cases”
He even stated that we do not need to compare our cases with those of other countries, as in each country the population plays a role, the tracking that is done, as well as the tests that are carried out, and underlined that “the issue is to look in proportion to ICU admissions and deaths, not cases. ”

Referring to the fact that the army was taken to the streets in Madrid, Ms. Linou said that “if we had taken the army to the MMM, we might have prevented some deaths”. “Besides, it would not cost us anything and it would also give the message… beware of the people”, Athena Linou concluded.

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