Mitsotakis: Corporate taxation drops to 24% in 2020 – 20% in 2021

In an interview with the French newspaper Le Figaro, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announces that a coherent tax reform will be introduced in September, which will reduce business taxation from 28% to 24% in 2020 for 2019 income.

The Greek prime minister then says that by 2021 the rate will drop further to 20%. In order to give an important “breath” to all Greek businesses immediately, to get … ahead of the Greek economy with much better results in all areas. Indeed, following Enfia’s downward spiral and KAS’s decision to unblock the large investment in Hellenic , Mr Mitsotakis is realizing the new government’s key commitments for the benefit of Greek citizens.

“Greece will be the pleasant surprise of the Eurozone for the coming years,” the Greek prime minister concluded by speaking to journalist Alexia Kefalas as part of today’s visit to Paris and his meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron . In the interview, which is accompanied by a newspaper tribute to the Greek Prime Minister, Mr. Mitsotakis emphasizes that after the elections of July 7, 2019, our country turned a page from the era of insecurity to the era of development. And so he calls on French investors to trust Greece. “I call on French investors to participate in the prospects being opened in Greece. And to do so now to stay ahead of developments, “he says.

The Prime Minister starts his mini-European tour from France and then visits Germany and the Netherlands. “Sharing much of President Macron’s vision for Europe wants,” the newspaper said, to make Greece a country of opportunity for investors. At the same time, in an article accompanying the interview, the French newspaper notes that “the new Greek Prime Minister has set the bar too high for his country to get into a development track quickly. He believes that he must restore his country’s image by opening all the fronts of reforms: education, public administration, the electoral system and taxation. Just two weeks after his election, three bills were adopted and three more are expected to be adopted in early September. ”
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