Mitsotakis for Patras – Pyrgos highway: Today is a good day for Ilia , for Achaia , for Zakynthos & Kefalonia 

“Today is a good day for Ilia , for Achaia , for Zakynthos , Kefalonia . ” After many years of delays, promises that remained in words, the engines for the Patras – Pyrgos highway are moving forward” , stressed the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis , who announced the start of works from a construction site in Geraki , Amaliada.


Mitsotakis: After many years of promises, the machines are moving forward

“I do not want to talk about the past today. The history of this project is familiar to you. Unfortunately, the residents of Ilia and Achaia have paid a “tax” of blood for the fact that this road was too late to be completed. “In July 2019, we faced a series of major issues”, said Mr. Mitsotakis and continued:

“I myself, visiting many times before the elections, had made a personal commitment that this project will be launched and implemented. Of all the works, the part of the Patras-Pyrgos project was the most complex due to tragic failures in the past. With perseverance and planning, we succeeded and convinced the services of the European Commission . Negotiation was not easy at all. It was also a personal bet for me “.

“The project will be fully completed by mid-2025. The water has now entered the ditch. There will be close monitoring by the ministry and the region, in order to meet the schedules. “There will be a state-of-the-art highway that will connect Patras with Pyrgos and we will implement our commitment that this road in a modern form will reach Olympia”, said the prime minister and continued:

“A unique place, so identified with the history of our entire homeland. It’s worth having the access it deserves. And this project will be made a reality by this government. We are proceeding with a series of important interventions, improving road safety on the old road “.

“For me, the most important aspect has to do with road safety. Closed highways are safe. A very important contribution to road safety. We will mourn far fewer victims when this road is completed. It is part of a large infrastructure development program. We made a commitment to a number of major road projects that were stuck. Everything is set in motion and moving at high speed. “I mention the E65 and the BOAK, where the first bulldozers will enter in 2022”, he said, among other things.

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