Mitsotakis (Greek PM) : I understand the fatigue of the citizens – I ask for a little more patience in view of Christmas

The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the interview, given to Status fm radio during his visit to Thessaloniki, stating that he understands the fatigue of the citizens, but asks for a little more patience.

“I really ask for a little patience and one more effort in the run-up to Christmas. I fully understand the fatigue, the sadness, the anger and even the fear of what has happened here in Thessaloniki. We must at all costs avoid meeting at home, it is the most dangerous way of transmitting the virus, we will only allow one plus one family for the holidays, choose which family you want to spend the holidays with, at this point we will be very strict, this I can tell you. “This Christmas will be very different, much more crowded, because very simply, this is how it should be done”, is the central message of the Prime Minister.

Mitsotakis: “A third wave of the pandemic would be inadmissible”
Mr. Mitsotakis, who did not want to give details about the government’s plan for the gradual lifting of the lockdown, predicted that the government would be very careful and conservative in its approach: “Now that we are starting to relax to face a third wave, that would be unacceptable,” warned Mr Mitsotakis, who reiterated the importance of individual responsibility for compliance with specialist measures, as the main means for limiting the spread of the pandemic.

Mitsotakis: “We will not escape the pandemic, if there is no adequate vaccination”
Referring to the forthcoming vaccination of the population against the coronavirus, the Prime Minister revealed that he and his family will be the first to get the vaccine and urged other political leaders to do the same, as, as he noted, the vaccines that will be approved will be safe and effective. “We will not escape the pandemic if there is no adequate vaccination. We will start a big vaccination campaign “noted Mr. Mitsotakis, who characterized vaccines as a great achievement of Medicine. At this point, in fact, he did not hesitate to adopt a more personal tone, referring to the adventure of his late mother Marika, who was left almost paralyzed, as he said, from polio, to remind that this disease no longer exists due to the vaccine. . He even announced

Mitsotakis: “The only way for the government is the protection of Public Health”
The Prime Minister did not fail to thank doctors and nurses for their superhuman efforts, and stressed that despite the fact that the Health System operates “in the red”, especially in Northern Greece, our hospitals have endured, endure and they will endure. “A very important job has been done in the National Health System, throughout the summer and autumn we have taken care to supply all the necessary materials, in order to equip the Intensive Care Units in the best possible way, at the moment we have over 1230 beds, when we received 567 “, the prime minister noted characteristically, and added that the first encouraging news regarding the taming of the epidemiological curve in Thessaloniki are now visible, as, as he announced,thus reducing the pressure on the NSS . “The only way for the government is to protect public health. “Every human life that is lost is a tragedy and every hour and day efforts are made to save human lives”, pointed out Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Mitsotakis: “The sterile opposition, as if seeking disaster to claim political oxygen”
Asked about this, he replied that at the moment there is no suggestion from the Ministry of Health for more orders from private hospitals, while he assured that when needed, there will be flights, such as those of the last 24 hours. He reiterated that he was open to bona fide criticism, recalling that he had made his self-criticism that some measures should probably have been taken earlier, although there was never such a suggestion, he said, however, criticizing the attitude of part of the opposition: “The sterile opposition, as if seeking disaster to claim political oxygen, really surpasses me, but that will be judged by the people.” He even accused its executives of vulgarly distorting so-called close associates, while criticizing the opening of tourism,

Asked about the reluctance of the tax sector to have an afternoon shift from 15:00 pm to 19:00 pm, the Prime Minister said: “Sometimes in the public sector I feel that there are two speeds: on the one hand those who exaggerate themselves and the other, fortunately, small exceptions, who feel that they do not have to make an extra effort to serve the citizens. I urge them to reconsider their position. ” He assured, however, that Greece is rapidly gaining an effective state, such that the citizens want.

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