Mitsotakis in Bild: German tourists to come to Greece from July 1

The Greek Prime Minister spoke to the German newspaper about the tourism and the way Greece handled the pandemic of the coronavirus.

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke in an interview with Greece about the way in which Greece has managed to reduce the coronation pandemic , about the government’s plan for safe restart and opening of the country to visitors from abroad, but also about the consequences of the economic crisis. Bild newspaper. The government measures to support the work, the Merkel-Macron plan and the reactions to this, in view of the forthcoming Summit, were also in the spotlight .
In his conversation with journalists Liana Spyropoulou and Paul Ronzheimer, Kyriakos Mitsotakis particularly focused on the fact that Greece is distinguished  – for the first time in a long time – for its high reliability. “We are a positive example and this gives the world a sense of security and confidence in the ability of the state to respond effectively,” he said.

What he said about tourists from abroad

“We intend to open the tourist activity for the countries that have similar epidemiological data with Greece” underlines Mr. Mitsotakis and adds: ” Germany will be included in them based on the data we have seen so far and, of course, the Germans. Tourists will be welcome in Greece from July 1st in terms of direct flights to the islands and from June 15th if they want to come to Athens “.

As the Prime Minister clarifies, in the next stage, not all those who arrive in our country will be examined , but sample tests will be performed in order to prevent any outbreak of the pandemic. The tests will be accompanied by the use of an electronic application, which will provide valuable health information to travelers, as well as the enhancement of examination opportunities in the islands.
“Visitors will have access to an application that will provide them with basic information and instructions and will learn where the nearest health facility is located. We will also make sure that there are enough tests on all the islands, even the small ones, in case someone needs to be tested. It will be possible, if anything, to be served in one of the main hospitals in Athens. Therefore, we are carefully studying the situation, in order to ensure that we will organize the health services in such a way that both the visitors and the residents feel safe “, the Prime Minister underlines.

Mitsotakis: Keep your distance

He added that taking advantage of the experience gained so far, “we will also apply basic rules of social distancing ” and explains that these are simple things like keeping distances , protecting staff in taverns and hotels wearing a mask . You see, here, everyone is wearing their masks. We want everyone to enjoy the best possible experience. We don’t know what else to do with the nightclubs , there may be some restrictions here, but when it comes to basic experience, that is, going to the beach, going to a nice tavern, to a restaurant, everything will be exactly the same, just with some additional precautions.The beaches actually opened about ten days ago . Order prevailed, distances for umbrellas and sunbeds were kept, and everything was done in a very organized way. We expect, therefore, that the same will happen when we open our gates for tourism “, says Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The Prime Minister also underlines that “in fact, life in Greece in the summer is out. So we want to limit indoor activities as much as possible but, as you can see, it will not be easy, because no one wants to come to Greece to stay indoors in the summer, they want to come to Greece because they may be outside. constantly. Apart from the hours of sleep, you can basically be out all the other hours. ”

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