Mitsotakis on GMB: We will not impose universal lockdown on the unvaccinated like Austria

“If you do not send a clear message that you are protecting your borders more will enter illegally,” he told ITV from London, where he is based.

On the front of the management of the coronary pandemic, he referred in an interview given this morning on the show “Good Morning Britain” of the television network ITV by the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and clarified that the government does not intend to follow the model of Austria, where a total lockdown is imposed for the unvaccinated,

The Prime Minister pointed out the increase in the rate of vaccination in the last two weeks, while he strongly encouraged British citizens to close their holidays in Greece from now on for the summer of 2022.

Specifically referring to the pandemic, the Prime Minister said: “I invite you to book your vacation for next summer, as soon as you can, I believe it will be a covid-free summer. But right now you are right to point out that we are facing a difficult situation . It is a European phenomenon, if you look at the Greek levels of vaccination are close to the European average. We try to encourage unvaccinated citizens to be vaccinated. How do we do that? We made it more difficult for the vaccinated people to have access to the restaurants, so that you can not have an indoor dinner in Greece now if you are not vaccinated “.


Reporter question: Are there any vaccination certificates?
“In case someone comes to Greece, this applies to everyone, at this stage. You do not need a “strict” vaccination certificate to enter the country, but of course our rules apply to everyone. We rely heavily on tests, so if you want to eat out and you are not vaccinated you need a negative test, and what we have seen in the last two weeks is a significant increase in vaccination rates. We believe that this strategy is effective, obviously the NSS is under a lot of pressure, and we try to help doctors and nurses to respond to this pressure. But to be clear, looking at ICUs, 9 out of 10 people in units today are unvaccinated, and it is a real shame that these people are losing their lives because they do not make the simple choice of being vaccinated. So we have a strict policy, but we will not get to the point of Austria, to impose a full Lockdown ”

” I have an obligation to protect our borders “

” In the Immigration we have a strict, but fair policy, “said the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. Kyriakos Mitsotakis explained that “in the last 3 years we have accepted more than 50,000 asylum applications, therefore no one has the right to accuse Greece of not respecting human rights.”

At the same time, however, as he said, ” I have an obligation to protect our borders.” He called on Turkey to honor its own part of the EU-Turkey Joint Declaration of 2016. “We call on Turkey to honor its own part of the agreement with the EU, it can do more to curb illegal immigration.” Mr. Mitsotakis warned, however, that “If you do not send a clear message that you are protecting your borders, more people will try to enter Greece illegally.”

Kyriakos Mitsotakis confirmed that during his meeting with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson later today he will raise the issue of the reunification of the Parthenon Sculptures at the Acropolis Museum. “I will raise the issue with the British Prime Minister and I believe that the approach that the Marbles belong to the British Museum because they have always been there is anachronistic. We want a final return of the Marbles, but we are not talking about borrowing them. We could offer to the British Museum cultural treasures that have not come out of Greece in the past. I’m sure a solution can be found. ”

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