Mitsotaki’s (Greek Prime Minister) speech on Wednesday – He will announce the plans for tourism and work


On Wednesday afternoon, Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will announce the government’s plan for labor, the economy and tourism.

As it became known from the Maximos Palace, then announcements will follow from the competent ministers who will specify the measures.

It is recalled that in yesterday’s briefing of the political editors, the government spokesman Stelios Petsas stressed that the government is forming a coherent plan for the resumption of tourism.
“Given the importance of tourism and catering for the country’s economy, especially during the second half of the year, our plan will cover the entire triptych: work, taxation, liquidity.
To support employment and income as much as we can. But let’s not be deluded. This summer will not be like last year. And it shouldn’t be compared to that. Because we closed the economy and stayed home to deal with the pandemic. To stay healthy. And we voluntarily sacrificed a part of our well-being to achieve it. So this year, in the field of tourism, we start from scratch. Whatever we win will be a success. And we will do everything we can to get a bigger piece of a much smaller tourist pie “, said Mr. Petsas.

Reductions in VAT – What will happen with transportation and catering
There is a positive suggestion for a reduction in VAT from 24% to 13% in transport, which, however, has a cost but will increase the flow of visitors, mainly to the islands, who expect to be able to cover even part of the losses from mid-July. and after. The decision will be taken by the Prime Minister, taking into account all the data, ie the overall “package” where state guarantees for cheap loans to businesses in the two sectors are added and the reduction of wage costs by using SURE funds for about 1 million employees. in the private sector as a whole.

The only thing that should be considered “locked” is the reduction of VAT throughout the catering from 24% to 13% , and this practically means that coffee, soft drinks and other beverages will have a much lower charge.

Total package that will extend over a long period of time
In new statements today, the government spokesman explained that the tourism plan will focus on labor support, tax breaks and liquidity. “It will be a comprehensive package that will extend for a long time, so that entrepreneurs can feel safe,” he said.

As for the employees, the government spokesman made it clear that he would cover both full-time and part-time full-time and part-time employees, with the support of contributions and salary costs.

“People who will open on the islands are afraid that they will enter, but they will see with the plan that we will present that they will not enter,” said Stelios Petsas.

Regarding government contacts with other countries for the arrival of tourists in Greece, the government spokesman said that they exist both with European ones, where bilateral agreements will probably not be needed, since we are covered by the framework announced by the European Union, but also with non-European ones. including Israel, which “will be announced in the near future”

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