Mitsotakis: Traffic ban from 12.30 to 5 in the morning and use of a mask everywhere n zone 3 and 4 areas

The implementation of the measures will take effect from 6 on Saturday morning in zone 3 and 4 areas. “We have secured a safe and effective vaccine and we will get it in time,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that he would try to speak as simply as possible about the current reality. He said the increase in cases is due to the many tests that are done, but the virus is transmitted at high speed in many areas. 

He stressed that the second wave is more severe and concerns young people a lot. The Prime Minister said that the traffic is prohibited from 12.30 after midnight until 05.00 in the morning and the use of a mask becomes mandatory everywhere. 

The whole speech of Kyriakos Mitsotakis 

My fellow citizens,

I am communicating with you again, as the second wave of the pandemic is on the offensive. Everywhere in Europe, but now here in Greece. I have to present the situation with absolute sincerity. To point out the dangers. But also to show the way of defense that we must follow. Based on the advice of science. Guide, the measures of the State. And discipline is a constant lever, because individual responsibility is the other side of social solidarity.  

I will try to talk as simply as possible about today’s reality and how we will deal with it.

In recent days we have seen a sharp increase in cases. To some extent this is due to the increase in the number of tests performed. Just yesterday, for example, there were more than 24,000 across the country. But it is clear that in several areas the virus is already spreading at a high rate. 
The data show that even in this new health crisis, Greece still resists better than most European countries. We now have more knowledge about how the virus is transmitted. We have innovative case detection and tracking systems. We have a larger number of intensive care beds. And many more doctors and nurses in our hospitals. Thank you, thank you, once again, for your daily struggle.

But all this is not enough. Like I said, the second wave is tougher. It now affects all ages, but especially young people. And it pervades regions, cities, and even neighborhoods. By vehicle, unfortunately, social life itself: The daily contacts between us and the simple habits of leisure and fun.
Beware: Experts warn that in times of carelessness we become more vulnerable to the virus. In contrast, in schools where the measures are meticulously observed, the risks turn out to be much smaller.
So I want to be clear: The coming months are tough. And since a general “lockdown” is not my choice, other measures are required. Smarter. More targeted. And, finally, more effectively.  
Our goal, therefore, remains not the complete suspension of our activities. But the local reduction of the dangers that threaten them. To continue, that is, the rhythms of our lives but based on the rules indicated by experts. Making small concessions to protect the great good of health.
Greece now has a map with the levels of occurrence and transmission of the coronavirus and the measures that each entails. These have limited costs for the economy. But they do offer a huge boost to collective prosperity. That is why they must be observed faithfully.

Our plan, however, is dynamic. Which means that it adapts according to the outbreaks of the pandemic and the local peculiarities that it presents. In the new coronavirus attack, therefore, and after the suggestions of the experts, we respond with two new measures:
First, in areas with a dangerous increase of cases, those of levels 3 and 4, the traffic will be prohibited from 12.30 after midnight until 5.00 in the morning. Excluded, of course, are those who work at night and in emergencies.  
The aim is to reduce commuting and evening gatherings, which favor the transmission of the virus. With less fun, perhaps, for a while. But with more health for a long time. A prediction that already applies, after all, in many European capitals and regions. And the first report is encouraging.
Second, the use of a mask becomes mandatory everywhere. Not only indoors but also outdoors. Because the coronavirus lurks everywhere, without waiting at the entrance of a store. “He does not eat at the door”, to speak in the language of the younger ones.
To put it simply, we will enter the cafe or restaurant, from now on, with a mask. Which we will remove only when we sit at the table. And of course the ban on standing in indoor rooms is still in force.
I will repeat: The mask is the vaccine before the vaccine. If two citizens wear it properly and one is infected, the chance of transmission when they are together is infinitesimal.

The two new regulations will be accompanied by the strengthening of controls for compliance with existing measures. Store owners who do not comply, as well as employers who do not protect their employees, will be penalized. And, of course, teleworking will be extended further, where possible.
The effort is great. The exacerbation of the problem, however, requires more intensity. Especially in the direction of business people who are illegal in the field of entertainment. There, the control mechanisms will exhaust all rigor. Because health cannot be sacrificed on the altar of the profit of some unconscious. Nor, of course, is it a time for secret parties, when the virus is partying against our lives.
The implementation of the two new measures starts at 6.00 on Saturday morning. Could we wait? Perhaps, as the situation here remains comparatively better than other countries. But from the beginning we decided to move cautiously. And this is especially important now, in view of the Christmas season.

Today’s data is clear: The spread of the virus is mainly among young people. And it focuses on the hours and places where they gather.
From there, however, he is transferred to the domestic environment, disproportionately threatening the elders. That is why I ask the younger ones to be careful. And keep their distance from their parents and grandparents, regardless of whether they themselves have symptoms. An easy adventure for them may be fatal for those they love.

This is not a vague feeling or a blind complaint, but a substantiated finding. And I address it with the same sincerity with which I speak to my children. Because, indeed, it is time for our youth to speak and act.

I know that all the previous months the Greek children have been tired. I understand the freshmen who went through a difficult winter and want to party. As I know that the blood of the students boils. And so it must be.
At this juncture, however, you young people would do well to turn your momentum into a responsibility. Be a pioneer in difficult times. Making a lifestyle consistency. And finally become you examples of discipline for the older ones.

This, after all, means the youthful questioning of conservative individualism. Genuine progress and true radicalism. I ask you, in other words, to become the real protagonists of our days.
My fellow citizens, the
government will, of course, continue to support businesses and workers affected by the health crisis.
The Refundable Advance provides the necessary liquidity to hundreds of thousands of businesses. Insurance contributions are reduced. And a new program fully subsidizes them for 100,000 new jobs. While the abolition of the Solidarity Contribution also comes to further alleviate incomes.

But our arsenal is not inexhaustible. And the national economy must continue to function to feed society, but also Health.
We have a difficult quarter ahead of us. I will close, however, with an optimistic message. Because for the first time since the beginning of this adventure, the prospect of having a safe and effective vaccine appears on the horizon. And the government has made sure we get it on time and make it available to everyone, as quickly as possible. At the same time, the flu vaccination is proceeding according to plan.
At the beginning of 2021, therefore, along with the new year, a new day may rise in the war against the coronavirus. Until science wins, however, we must hold on to the shield of responsibility.
I do not ask you to do anything more and nothing less than what we did in the spring, when Greece became an example to follow. And now, as then, we are side by side. A united group of 10 million. But, just as in any group, everyone – State and citizens – has a role to play. One by one and all together we can make a difference.

I’m sure we will make it again.

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