Mobile EODY team covid testing in Lixouri today

Lixouri, November 17, 2020
Team of Phea at the premises of YPERIONA ′′
Today, November 17, 2020, visited our Center to carry out molecular tests on beneficiaries and employees, for better protection and safety of the entire structure.
The tests will be done every week as long as the structure remains open and the costs of their purchase are borne by the Municipality of Lixouri and we personally thank the Mayor Mr. Georgios Katsiveli for this. The three people who make up the Phea team were extremely cooperative, awareness-raising and their attitude towards the beneficiaries during the test moved us and we thank them very much for it.
We also thank the whole team of workers and especially the nurse Mrs. Dionisia Messari, who tried to put even the most difficult beneficiaries into the climate of the whole process since morning on the simulation method.
The Union’s Board of Directors feels very pleased with this process, since the Minister is not officially suspended the operation of the structure and, as you can understand, there is diffuse anxiety and reflection on the safety and proper health of the beneficiaries.
We also send a request from the Panhellenic Federation of Parents and Guardians Associations with Disabilities – W.O.S.G.K.A.MEA. and member of the National Confederation of People with Disabilities-ESA. to the President of Phea Mr. P. Arkoumanea.
The President, Sofia Maropoulou – Zafeiratou
The Secretary General, Maria Ladas
source –  FB post of Ένωση ΑμεΑ Υπερίων

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