Mobilisation in Lixouri regarding the Mantzavinatio Hospital on 9th December

From The Press Office of the municipality of Lixouri  

We focus on the issue of tomorrow’s mobilization for the mantzabináteio hospital, at 11:00 am in central square, after the unanimous decision of the City Council:
A) Teacher s’ associations, student councils, parent s’ associations and addresses of schools to participate in the protest rally.
B) all free professionals, shop owners and trade association at the time of protest to close offices and shops and participate in mobilization.
C) we inform that: the municipal daycare “Stella kouroúklē” will remain closed.
D) all services of the municipality will remain closed and we invite employees to participate in mass.
(E) the ferry port of cephalonia – argostoli will transport the people participating in the protest march in the regional unity of kefalonia on the ferry of 12:00 and at the same time participating in the mobilization will stop its ferry until 13:00 PM.

The moments are crucial for the future of our hospital and we need more participation!!!

Tomorrow lixouri must send a strong message of unity and struggle!!!

Source – FB post of Δήμος Ληξουρίου

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