Monks make the best beer in the world – Video

The parallel roads of the monks and beer is a story that dates back to the beginning of the 6th century! At the time when Saint Benedict of Nurses wrote a model “regulation” for monastic life, which was originally called The Rule and later became known as the Rule of St. Benedict.


As a rule, therefore, that of Saint Benedict, one of the directives was to “command” the monks to make a living from their own hands and not exclusively through donations, while at the same time inviting them to donate to the financially weaker ones. So the monasteries began to produce their own goods for sale, with cheese, honey and beer (!) Taking the top spot.

And beer production may seem odd today, but in the 6th century it served all the purposes of The Rule.

Beer in medieval times, besides being very popular, was also a safer choice than water, since it was usually contaminated with sewage.

In addition, beer was useful for monks during the fasting period, due to its nutrients.

The monks believed they had to make the best possible product, since they were “working” for God and a bad beer would be a breach of their mission.

If one does not underestimate their need to keep up with rising demand, the fact that at that time they belonged to the ranks of the educated, they understand that they managed to find new ways of mass beer production and the addition of hops, which not only balanced the sweetness of the malt, but it also served as a preservative extending the life of the beer.

In addition they introduced healthy brewing arrangements and practices to their breweries, setting the bar high.

It is worth noting that even today some monks produce some of the most popular beer on the market, while the most famous monastic breweries are the eight Trappist breweries in northern Europe.



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